Paint, Hardware, Dishes..oh my!

So much has been going down in my tiny kitchen and yet, still so much to do!

For starters, as you may remember, we removed our cabinet doors.

I repainted the upper cabinets a wonderful white from Sherwin Williams. It is called snowbound

Painting the inside of cabinets is no walk in the park. If you plan to take on a task such as this....

A tiny roller is the way to go!

Praying to remove the microwave soon.

My lower set of cabinets remained the same color.

It's an awesome color called Bedford from Martha Stewart.

If you follow along on instagram, you may have heard all about my love for two different sets of hardware.

Y'all... it's hard picking just one lol.

My husband suggested I just keep both sets and rotate them haha..

I'm not gonna lie...I thought about it.

Many of you voted for the rubbed bronze ... which I loved deeply.

My only problem with them was I was going for a fresh cleaner look.

The chrome just seemed the better choice. They can be found at Lowes .

And thank all of you for the awesome advice in finding great dish sources.

I went to many stores and checked them out.

The winner were these guys below.

I loved the clean lines...

They came from Wal Mart.

The brand is Main Stays.

I plan to add to my set as I go along... love that I can do that.

And while I was shopping around trying to find the perfect dishes...

World Market stole my heart...

I found the sweetest measuring spoons and cups!

have mercy... how sweet!

So now that my cupboards are stocked and we are working on lighting.

A few of you asked about my open cabinets.

Do my dishes get dusty?

So far.. YES..

Only because we are living with a saw and cutting into our

I will keep you posted on that one.

Another was .."where do you store your junk"

Honestly...this gave me a good head start in clearing out clutter.

I rid my cabinets of so many plastic pizza parlor cups... YIKES!

We do eat mainly out of plastic plates so I keep them stored in my lower cabinets.

It's working out well :)

Hope to share more soon!

xoxo Susie


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