Hi there!

What happens when you put a determined girl and a paint brush to work?

You get results... LOL

First I need to say a little thank you to all of those that have left sweet comments and emails.

You have blessed me so.

We are doing wonderful .... thank you.

I'm learning it's OK to step back and take some me time to work on projects.

And boy have I been busy.

I still have a ways to go but thought I would share just a bit with you here.

We are asking ourselves that age old question...

Buy new or remodel?

Buying new scares the bee gee bees out of me because we built on family land.

My sister is days away from moving next to me.

I love LOVE love our yard with 100 yr old live oaks.

And... I raised my 3 babies here.

Our house is HOME.

So I guess you could say we are in between ideas right now.

That place where we don't want to sink a ton of money into something we are not sure of...


I'm me.

I crave the need to update and play house. Often.

So here is what we have done so far.

Removed dated cabinet doors.

Painted inside the cabinets and filled them with yummy white dishes.
"more on that soon and thank you for your recommendations"

Painted walls and added new hardware.

What we are currently working on now ..

Removing ugly florescent inset box and adding new lighting.

OK.. let me back up just a bit.

We are not working on the project...

"I'm working on my husband to get on board with said project."

Ya 'll...

It's getting good up in here and I can't wait to share every step of the way with details 

and sources.

So if you're interested in changing up your kitchen for pennies...

You're in the right house!

If you would like to see daily updates, join me on instagram!

xoxo Susie

Foyer update

Be it little, a foyer is a first impression.

It is the runway of things to come.

Lets just say ours needed some love y'all.

It rocked the birdcages...

It housed the gold fixtures and what nots.

Yes,,,, it even had its dark days.

Have mercy... 

I didn't recall just how many changes this foyer has seen.

So how about a run down of the updates shall we...

The walls are just a bright white.

The table is the original to the room.

I sanded all of the cherry stain away.

After all of the stain was sanded, I painted a grey wash over the bare wood.

I then sanded the edges and fell deeply in love.

As for the top of the table, I just waxed it.

The wood grain was just too pretty to cover.

It is now so light and bright in here!!

The lamps gained new shades and a fresh coat of paint.

I painted a quote that I have loved for some time now.

The basket belonged to my Maw Maw. 

The only thing left to add is a small rug.

It's one of those "i'll know it when I see it" things.

I will just keep my eyes peeled for the perfect one.

Be it small.... it makes me happy!

xo Susie