As for me and my house...

I love when someone request a sign and gives me the 

go for it... I trust you.

Often, I fall in love with it and want one for my very own.

This one is smaller in size and fits almost anywhere.

As for me and my house...

Measures 14"W x 21 1/2 H

Hand painted on birch with a tad bit of distressing for an aged look.

Colors are optional.

To read more, you can visit my shop here

xo Susie

Washed by the water

Have you ever heard this song before?

It's called Washed by the water.

You can hear it here.

I can't listen without being covered in goose bumps....

The other day, while singing along with the radio, I jot down a few of the lyrics.

Kaylee saw them on my desk and snapped this photo.

She mentioned how much she loved this song.

My heart melted.

Then she asked for this sign...

I plan to hang it in her room but wanted to share it here first.

I walk past it and smile...every time.

We all have a time in our life where the storm comes.

The waters may rise ... and some days may even feel as though we may drown.

It happens.

But when we are washed by the water.....

We know..

We just  know that every thing will be OK.

"Washed by the water"

Measures approx. 14" W x 34" H

40.00 plus shipping.

You can find it in my shop.


Finding beauty in the broken

Glad you joined us!

You might remember when we left off here

Sister and I had just left The Corbel and our mouths were running 90 miles a minute!

True typical fashion for us.

We were heading for some cute shops downtown.

What we didn't know.....
  we had passed up our turn that lead us right into one of our greatest adventures yet.

Sister spotted a Plantation sign "Afton Villa" on the side of the road.

We looked at one another and smiled.

Sure. Why not!

We paid an unusually low fee to enter and headed down a moss covered driveway.

To our surprise, what once stood at the end of the long driveway was no longer.

Can we back up for just a bit?

We entered into a whole lot of history just begging to be shared.

The property we were now standing on, was purchased in 1820 by Bartholomew Barrow from his brother. He was one of the richest families in Louisiana at that time. He later sold his land to his son David in 1839.
David built a thriving plantation on his newly owned 3,000 acres. After the death of his first wife, he remarried Susan Woolfok. And just like any typical woman, she wanted to make the home hers. David gave her the OK but with only one catch. The original home had to stay intact. No worries for Susan, she just built right around

The 40 room Gothic Revival began in 1849 and  took 8 years to complete. Not bad for a remodel.
The fancy gardens alone, spread over 25 acres! 

David passed in 1874 leaving Susan to care for the plantation until she sold the estate in 1876.

Here is Afton in its Hay Day!

Unfortunately, A huge lightening storm in 1963 passed through the small town and struck Afton Villa.
The beautiful home was left in ruins.

But not for long!!

Another family bought the grounds and here is where our story begins... 

Where Afton once stood at the end of the driveway, now greets you with beautiful statues and mounds of flowers.

You can see above where the steps lead into the home.

Some may see rubble.... we saw beauty!

What remains today is a few walls, steps and a look back in time.

Just past the steps, you will discover a huge circle of where the house once stood.
It's now a grass covered courtyard. 

We came at the perfect time too!

The flowers were putting on a show for us.

Just past the grass covered courtyard, you will find the open area where the kitchen once stood.

You can see it here with the cement picnic table.

This was an original shot of the back of the house.


We found small surprises around every corner.

The steps below near the kitchen were believed to take you to the second floor.

Another view from the back of the house.

I can't tell you how in awe Missy and I were.

Pictures just don't do this sweet place the justice it deserves.

And to be honest, I had goosebumps the entire time.

We were free to walk the grounds as we pleased.

I'm guessing this was a window or door that lead to the formal gardens.

Speaking of formal gardens...

They thrived!!

Just off of the main house and down a few stone steps...

You find yourself in a maze of beauty...

Not all those who wander are lost.
J.R.R Tolkien

to be cont..


A tour of The Corbel

From time to time I receive an email asking about our wonderful state of Louisiana.

Good places to shop, eat, visit...etc.

What an awesome opportunity for my sister and I to share with all of you.

So we vowed to tour our great state (nothing like road trips with sista's) and share them all with you!

With only time for a day trip, we headed North to Jackson, Louisiana.

It's about an hour drive for us.

We landed ourselves into a honey hole of a shop!

I won't spend a lot of time on the history of the shop because, quite frankly, they will do a better job than I ever could.
For directions and a awesome background of their store, visit their site here

When you arrive, be prepared to be transformed into another time and place.

It's wall to wall history meets modern. I love that!

As you enter, you are greeted with smiling faces and friends eager to share the stories this place contains.

You will find yourself looking up in awe of the cool lighting throughout the showroom.

I fell deeply for this blue fella... deep.

They have something for everyone here.

I thought of so many cute places I could use these memo boxes.

Demi Johns? They have em' in all shades and sizes.

And just when I thought we had seen it all...

She offered to take us in the back warehouse...

I about died!!!

Now, don't go thinking we were just that special.

They will take y'all too.

They are just that nice and insist you see the salvage items they are known for.

Every corner was stocked full of these chippy paint corbels.

Oh my!

The old doors go on forever.....

In love yet? 

I am.

Everything you see here has been rescued from demolition and rubble.

I love how they bring life back into these once loved pieces.

Shipments of fresh finds everywhere.

I hope you enjoyed our stop #1 of favorite places to visit here in the South.

 Just as the day was getting started and as usual, we were chatting 90 miles a minute...

We took a wrong turn that lead us right into something breathtaking! be cont.