Oh Happy Day!

Isn't it funny how a little sunshine can change your whole perspective?

As soon as my feet hit the floor, I'm like a mad woman opening my shades.


If you're feeling all giddy today and want a fun DIY to tackle,

This chalkboard is one of my favorites.

It's like a gift that keeps on givin'... all year long.

You can find my step by step DIY here

DIY for school house fixture can be found here.

Hope a little sunshine has found its way to you!

xoxo Susie

A lil lagniappe

Isn't it so much fun when you get a little extra than you bargained for?

Maybe a 13th doughnut when you only ordered a dozen.

Or how about when you order your prints and the photographer throws in those few that she knew you loved?

In the south we refer to that sweet term as Lagniappe.

It simply means something extra.

Well I have a surprise for all of you!

A lil lagniappe shall we...

We all know my love for painting and home decor

Now what if I take that love....

and add that little something extra?

I'm not going to spill the beans just yet.

MMMM.... OK...

I will tell you that someone very special to me is joining the ranks.

She kinda puts the icing on the cake.

She is my glitter when I'm pastel.

She has been my best friend for life. 

I'm sure many of you are already guessing and I'm quite certain you're in for a treat!

This special someone brings out the best in me.

We have this thing where we are so much alike but yet worlds apart.

know what I mean?

We thought it would be double the fun if we put our heads together and jumped in!!!

Between the two of us, we have some very exciting news to share.

A new house and that equals a whole lotta fun post ahead.

A new baby!

YES, you read that right. sharing more soon.

And that means baby showers and nurseries...oh my!

It also means a road trip in the spring and so so much more!

I'm busting at the seams excited to share all of our fun new adventures with YOU!

So hang in there...

That lagniappe is about to happen!

I hope you join us for the ride.



After weeks of gloomy weather, this special order was just what the Dr. ordered.

And of course... I had to hang it for a few shots ;)

It's a biggie at 34" x 34"

You are my sunshine
My only sunshine
You make me
when skies
are grey

I'm a bit sad to pack and ship it today but...

we are expecting beautiful weather this weekend.

In the 70's to be exact!!

The forecast alone puts a HUGE smile on my face!

How are you managing this extreme weather?

If you're interested in this or any of the other signs shown here.
Please visit my shop here

xo Susie

Susie sells seashells by the seashore...

Last night I received a group text from one of my sweet friends Heather and my sister Missy.

 Heather was surfing the web looking for a place to vacation, and ran across this site

I'm sure I would have surfed right on past  but she recognized something familiar in the background.

Did you happen to catch it?

Pictured above is one of the signs I paint and it made its way into this beautiful home.

It is so humbling and sweet to see my art work displayed in homes and businesses.

I really like the way the decorator layered the sign on top of another mat.

It really makes it pop!

And like my curious nature, I just had to snoop around and take a look at the place.

Oh so beautiful.. you think?

It's available for any takers wanting to bask in the sun and sand.

     yes please!

I could sit right here and just blog the day away... 


Maybe I would swing my cares away... you?

One thing for sure!

My large floppy hat, book packing, Sonic coke handed, SPF covered self would spend way too much time here.


Back to reality 

Painting and cleaning and did I mention tonight is open house for incoming freshman.

My precious "little" Maddy Y'all.

Oh please tell me I don't have to turn her over to HS just yet. sigh

One more summer buffers that thought so we better make it a good one!

Have you started thinking about your summer plans?


.... are you just waiting till the snow melts so you can make a milk and bread run?

Whatever your plans are today, I hope it's a good one

even if it's just daydreaming about the beach.

xo Susie

Simple and a winner!

I have two more designs to share with you and a winner.

keep life simple.

Simple is hand painted on a textured canvas and framed with two wooden slates.

The word simple is painted in a gold metallic.

It comes ready to hang and measures 11 x 13 3/4 approx.

35.00 plus 5.00 shipping US.

Be kind

Be kind is hand painted on a textured canvas and comes ready to hang.

Including the two wooden stained slates, this canvas measures 14 x 22 approx.

40.00 plus 5.00 US shipping

If you are interested in these or any other pieces in the shop, you can read more about them here

or email me at


Thank you to all of you that emailed, commented and entered the giveaway.

I have read each one and have you on my heart daily.

I normally have one of the kids draw a name out of the hat but for this giveaway, I went with my heart.

I picked Sheila.

Oh how I wish I could make each and every one of you one of these.

Super big hugs!!

xoxo susie