Oh Happy Day!

After 3 days of getting iced in, thawing is upon us!

We have had some crazy weather down south.

Our weekend ahead predicts 70 degrees ....crazy!

I will need a few days to walk off everything I have eaten.

I wonder if that's a survival thing our bodies naturally do?

Store up a "little reserve" just in case..

Well let me tell y'all,  if that's the case, I stored enough for a very long winter. LOL

Now for something productive I have been doing....

"let it go"

Oh how I love this saying!

Hand painted on a textured canvas

It measures approx.10 3/4 x 11 1/4  frame included.

Canvas comes ready to hang.

More on "let go" can be found in my shop

"God will carry you"

Hand painted in a metallic gold on a textured canvas.

This canvas measures approx. 11 1/4 x 14 frame included.

I can't tell you how often I look at this new canvas and just breathe .

You can visit my shop here if you would like to learn more, place an order or have any questions.

If you like to join in on my giveaway, it's not too late.

All of you Northern Friends, how in the world do you manage months of this icy wonderland?

I would love to hear your tricks on staying warm, fit and keeping family from going crazy.

Thanks and stay warm!

xoxo Susie

Sharing a little interview...

The weather channel thinks we are in for a snow storm.

I live in the deep south y'all.. like close to New Orleans south.

So while I hold my breath and pray for some southern sneaux...

Here is a fun little interview on my studio.

A few months back, I had to downsize my studio.

My sweet girl moved back home and needed the space (her old room).

You can read more about my move here.

I think it just started sleeting..Y'all!!!

This is gettin' good!

Stronger and a giveaway!

I'm speechless..really.

Last week I humbly poured my heart out and received much more love than I ever deserved.

Thank you.

Our little familyhas a long road ahead of us but your outpouring of love has empowered me.

It has given me hope and a boost to get back up and do what I love.

For that, I am forever grateful.

So what did this girl do?

She painted!

I pray that the love showered on me, somehow... fills someones love tank too.

I pray that if there is someone out there not feeling very brave, they read this.


Yes, You...

 are stronger than you think.

I discovered that's why I love to paint.

It gives me a chance to share my heart, encourage and empower those who need it.

Often, we already know but just need that sweet reminder.

Does someone come to mind?

Maybe it's a friend that's feeling down?

Maybe it's a loved one going through a sickness?

Maybe it's You?

I would love to give one away to someone who needs that gentle reminder too.

Whether it's for you or a loved one, just leave a simple comment and I will add your name to the hat.

Your comment can be as simple as loved.

If you don't have a blog, please make sure you leave an email or means for me to reach you.

I will be adding this new design along with many others to my shop.

This girl has been busy!

If you are interested in purchasing one, you can click here.

Finding the words...

For so long now I have avoided all of you. sorry

With each pass of my computer, I felt that twinge.

I felt as though I owed y'all an explanation.

I do.

For years, many of you have been faithful followers, readers and friends.

You have become a huge part of my family.

If you're a blogger, you know how easy it is to share here.

I have never had a problem opening my home and heart to all of you.

But for the last couple of months..... life got real.

Not the real where I share my dirty floors or piles of laundry...

Real as in... I want to crawl under a rock and hide... real.

For those of you wondering..

My husband is my rock, none of us have cancer and my kids are not in jail...

so what's left?

I just can't go there right now but can I ask for a favor?

Can you please lift my little family up in prayer.

I know it's in our nature to feel as though we need to know the problem before we can ask God to fix it.

Trust me... He Knows.

I have fallen on my face and cried out to him in the darkness...He Knows.

I want with every ounce to sit and spill my heart to y'all.

To have you tell me it will be OK.

To assure me I'm not alone in this.

To love me unconditionally as I have failed to do so myself.

It's hard y'all.

It's so hard to visit my IG and blog friends and see "happy" when my heart is so full...

but I do.

I'm making myself breathe in your joy, your success, your inspiration...

For some of you, your faith!

You know who you are.

Your simple quotes and scriptures are my manna. Thank you.

Over these past weeks following Christmas, I pushed my paint and brushes to the side.

How can one paint...

 "Chin up buttercup"  

"Today I will choose Joy"

"Every little thing is gonna be OK"

when I feel like poop...?

And you know what?

I can't hide from it... it has been painted on my heart.

I love y'all...

xoxo Susie

The house made of sticks

Can you believe this house was built for one main purpose?

To burn.


In minutes.

Look closely...

At first glance you would think it's just your average Southern home.

But this one was built with a twist.

It was built to be set on fire and light the way for Papa Noel (Santa Clause)

**For the record... Christmas has come and gone but it was cool and I thought y'all would enjoy.**

Every year we take a ride down the River Road. For those of you not familiar with our area, it's a long and winding road following the Mississippi River.

A levee is a huge man made hill that follows alongside the river to keep flood waters from escaping into the communities.

Every year, locals gather around the parish and build bonfires.

They are built to be lit on Christmas Eve to guide Papa Noels sleigh through the swamps.

The bonfires range from small to quite large and impressive.

Every year the locals try and top the past year and every year I think they succeed.

Now if you look a bit closer and come around to the side of the house....

You can see how it was built.

This home was built to scale and was massive!

On each side of the home was layers and layers of logs.

They are strategically placed to burn safely to the ground.

Almost in a log cabin pattern.

So sad to think it will burn within hours but of so fun to watch!

Here is an army tank.

It looks small but this fella was huge.

Below are a few traditional ones.

The River Road's levee is lined with these for miles..

And of course an LSU.

Along the way we stop and enjoy breakfast at one of our favorite places.

It's called the Cajun Village and they serve the best beignets and coco ever!!

I had to laugh at this picture above.

If you look to the left, it looks like Marc is about to take a jab to the eye...lol

He didn't.. just our family being "us".

We talk with our hands a lot and who knows what this story was all about.

It was early and the no makeup rule did apply. have mercy the girls are gonna kill me!

If you would like to visit some of our Christmas on the Bayou tours from the past ..

It should link you to each passing year..

Now spring forward to today...

I'm working on a project and I almost hate to share for the fact it may bomb.

It's very time consuming but if it works, will save me hundreds in the long run.

With fingers crossed, I hope to share it soon.

Have y'all started any new projects over the New Year?

xoxo Susie

My 6th bloggy birthday!

January 1,2008 

I'm 6 y'all!!!

I never imagined the joy that this blog would bring.....thank you!

You are the reason I'm still here peckin' at the keys.

It was so nice to step around that glass wall (we call our camera) and enjoy some family time.

It's hard... once a blogger.. ..to do that you know?

I'm sure you know just what I'm saying.

If you have not done it for sometime...do it!!!
You won't regret it.

What's ahead....

I'm starting my year off with a new look.

Thank you Kristi!

She dusted off my cobwebs and made things easier to navigate.

If you're looking to reach some goals this year, do yourself a favor and visit her  Creative Kristi

She has some great ideas that will keep your blog/lives in great shape.

So what's in store...

I'm working on some new ideas for my little shop.

New designs and sizes for every budget.

Be the first to see them here and on my instagram.

I know it seems silly to thank someone for reading your blog but without You, I would be lost.


My profit here is friendships and fellowship and without you... there would be none.

You and your sweet comments fill my love tank.

I'm looking forward to another great year.

Thank you!

xoxox Susie