Saying goodbye to a Louisiana Legend

Over the weekend, I along with many other Blue Dog lovers, mourned the loss of George Rodrigue.

He was a gifted artist that set out to paint Louisiana as he knew and loved it so.

He captured our Cajun heritage so well and it was loved around the world.

George grew up in New Iberia.

He described his quiet town virtually untouched from time. Faded but graceful.

He attended a local school and when he wasn't playing in the woods and swamp flanked street, he was home, in his attic.

There in his makeshift gallery he spent many hours.

I was blessed enough to own one of his books.

Blue Dog Christmas

I think I will treasure and hold it a bit closer to my heart now.

Although it be small, I have one of his pieces hanging on my tree.

Here below are just a few of  his pieces shown in his book.

George was an only child and referred to his first pets as his siblings.

Trixi came first; she was a black terrier-spaniel. Years later, George won the battled and was able to keep one of her puppies. Lady

He recalled dressing Lady and Trixi and sharing his Christmas candy with them.

Just before George moved to California to attend art school, Trixi passed.

A few months later, Lady followed.

By the time George moved back to South Louisiana, he decided to get another terrier-spaniel.

This one was black and white with pointy ears.

He named her Tiffany and they spent many hours together in his studio.

There he painted people and landscapes of Acadiana and raised a family of his own.

Like many of us, he grew up and lost that Christmas magic.

His beloved Tiffany passed away and he mourned her loss along with Trixi and Lady.

Then it happened!

Blue Dog was born.

It was a strange, sad -eyed figure who began to appear in almost all of his paintings.

They first showed up on bayou landscapes only later to become more colorful and playful.

He started to paint with a renewed energy and a keener appreciation of the things around him.

Blue Dog quickly became the central character of his imagination and it spilled over into all of his paintings.

As he painted, he once again felt the connection of his childhood past and his beloved pets.

Today, George and his beloved Blue Dog paintings are loved around the world.

George touched so many of us here in Louisiana.

His works. His love. His passion.

We will sadly miss you.

xoxox Susie


  1. Beautiful tribute
    May he rest in peace among his dogs, paints and love ones

  2. Thank you for the tribute, Susie. I too am a Rodrigue fan.

  3. What a sweet tribute Susie. :) my friend has an original painting of his hanging above her fireplace here in KY. She cherishes it so much....I'm sure she will be saddened to know he's passed on.

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