Birthdays and Bath Bombs

Hi Y'all.

Today I'm celebrating my 44th birthday!

I still can't believe that I'm in my forties..

I still can't believe I'm telling y'all lol...

So why not celebrate and make bath bombs...

It's so fun and easy and makes sweet gifts.

You will need 3 ingredients.

Baking Soda.

I found a large box at Wal Mart in the baking section.

Citric Acid.

You can find this at any store that sells canning products.
I found mine at Wal Mart in the Ball jar section.

Essential Oil.

I found this at our local Whole Foods.

You can add ground oatmeal or dried lavender buds and so many other things.

Just remember whatever you put in your bath bomb that doesn't dissolve, you'll have to clean out later.

In a large bowl, mix your dry ingredients.

2 parts baking soda to 1 part citric acid.

Make sure all of your lumps are out.

I find using my hands work best.

I then add a few drops of my oil and food coloring.

Coloring is optional and I used just a couple of drops.

You can see below how little I use.

I don't measure.. sorry

Adding a few drops at a time and working it together it will start to look like this...

Once you can form a ball and have it stay together, it's ready!

It will take some time before you will get this look.

Be patient and try to hold back the urge to add more oil.

A plastic Easter egg makes a great form.

I coat my egg with a bit of oil.

Pack both sides of your egg..

You will really want to make sure it's in good and packed.

Almost to the point your egg wont close.

Once you press it closed, dust off the edges.

When your fizzie is popped out, it will take on your egg shape.

You can just knock off that little pointed piece.

I use a spoon to round off my ball.

I then place all of my bath bombs on a sheet of wax paper.

You will need to let them set up and dry for at least a day or two.

If you try and use them too soon, they will just fall apart in your bath.

You want them to hold firm till they fizz away in your warm bath.

My batch made 8 bath bombs and my house smells like a spa!

I tried one last night and oh boy!!!

It smelled sooo good.

You can make larger bombs if you want your bath bomb to fizz longer.


xoxo Susie

Saying goodbye to a Louisiana Legend

Over the weekend, I along with many other Blue Dog lovers, mourned the loss of George Rodrigue.

He was a gifted artist that set out to paint Louisiana as he knew and loved it so.

He captured our Cajun heritage so well and it was loved around the world.

George grew up in New Iberia.

He described his quiet town virtually untouched from time. Faded but graceful.

He attended a local school and when he wasn't playing in the woods and swamp flanked street, he was home, in his attic.

There in his makeshift gallery he spent many hours.

I was blessed enough to own one of his books.

Blue Dog Christmas

I think I will treasure and hold it a bit closer to my heart now.

Although it be small, I have one of his pieces hanging on my tree.

Here below are just a few of  his pieces shown in his book.

George was an only child and referred to his first pets as his siblings.

Trixi came first; she was a black terrier-spaniel. Years later, George won the battled and was able to keep one of her puppies. Lady

He recalled dressing Lady and Trixi and sharing his Christmas candy with them.

Just before George moved to California to attend art school, Trixi passed.

A few months later, Lady followed.

By the time George moved back to South Louisiana, he decided to get another terrier-spaniel.

This one was black and white with pointy ears.

He named her Tiffany and they spent many hours together in his studio.

There he painted people and landscapes of Acadiana and raised a family of his own.

Like many of us, he grew up and lost that Christmas magic.

His beloved Tiffany passed away and he mourned her loss along with Trixi and Lady.

Then it happened!

Blue Dog was born.

It was a strange, sad -eyed figure who began to appear in almost all of his paintings.

They first showed up on bayou landscapes only later to become more colorful and playful.

He started to paint with a renewed energy and a keener appreciation of the things around him.

Blue Dog quickly became the central character of his imagination and it spilled over into all of his paintings.

As he painted, he once again felt the connection of his childhood past and his beloved pets.

Today, George and his beloved Blue Dog paintings are loved around the world.

George touched so many of us here in Louisiana.

His works. His love. His passion.

We will sadly miss you.

xoxox Susie

Deer an Dots..

Most people this time of year start gearing up and going full steam ahead.

Me .. not so much.

It's starting to wind down now at our place.

I can now clean my house and cook.

Funny how you start to miss those things... really.

I'm still painting and taking orders, I'm just able to breath now and it feels so good.

I'm also able to work on a few fun projects that have been put on hold.

Have you jumped on the deer n' dots wagon?

I'm loving them both and thought it would be fun to create this lil guy.

He is painted on 24" x 24" birch.

The deer is painted black and the dots are in a fun metallic gold.

I love how they just shine when the sun hits em just right.

It's up for grabs and ready to ship.

85.00 and that includes your shipping!

Just email me or leave a comment and I will get back to you.

So what have you been up to lately?

Last minute shopping or decorating?

I'm still needing to wrap presents and track down a few more.

This year I promised myself I would not stress over gifts and so far I'm winning.

Having older kids helps a lot too.

But I sure do miss having little ones to buy toys for...

Hope you are enjoying your Christmas Holiday so far.

xoxo Susie

The Harris Home Holiday Tour 2013

Welcome to the 3rd annual holiday housewalk!

This is my 3rd year participating and the fun just keeps growing.

I am so excited that you dropped by.

If you are visiting from the Craftberry Bush...Welcome!!

I'm stop #31 on the tour

Come on in!

Welcome to our home.

For those of you new here...

My husband and I have 

 3 kids, one very spoiled dog "Heidi" and one cat "Big Momma" that adopted us.

We built our  house on family land next door to my Dad. My sister's new home is almost complete so we will have a new neighbor soon. YAY

She will be just a few steps away and I can't wait.

Because our dining room and kitchen is kind of snugly small, I like to find ways to incorporate decorations without taking up too much space.
Adding a bow here or there works great.

And I do believe Molly is feeling kinda sassy..

I'm a lover of every holiday known to man but Christmas is by far my favorite.

My birthday is in December along with my anniversary so there is not a dull moment in this month.

I'm thankful for everyday.

With everything going on, I'm one of those that decorates early.

That's my excuse anyway...I just love it!!!

This is my hallway and the backdoor that welcomes friends and family.

It's also the dropping point for every ones treasures and shoes.

One of my favorite and most loved DIYs is this large chalkboard.

It was super easy to make and allows me to change things up for the holidays or leave fun memos

One of my favorite things about this chalkboard is the written notes after a party.

I tend to leave them up for weeks and giggle when I read them.

If you love lavender... you will love this soap!

I found it at World Market and it is quickly becoming one of my favorite things.

Because we have an artificial tree, I like to add a bit of live greenery here and there.

I find mine at our local tree lots.
They are always happy to share their unused scraps.

I say this every year and every year I just can't seem to part with it...

Our Christmas Tree.

Bless its heart.

It is 14 years old and has been good to us

It has become a part of our family ;)

I guess you could say we like hanging on to things..

Like these stockings.

I have had them for years and every year, I change them up just a bit.

This year I removed the flower and added a bow.

Just off of our family room is my new studio.

Because my studio space is limited, I didn't have room for a tree.

That didn't stop me from adding Christmas cheer ...

Burning yummy candles...

And a little sprig of holly here makes this space of work festive and fun.

At the end of a long day, it's so nice to soak in a hot tub.

For my back door guest... 

And just a reminder to myself..
When I start feeling frazzled and rushed about the season..
I stop and remember.. 
It's not about the decorations nor gifts.
It's about that sweet baby Jesus. Our Savior.

I hope you enjoyed your visit and if this is your first time here, it was so nice to meet you!

Sad news is my tour is almost over but the good news is...

We have one great stop left.

Please join me and head on over to Flea Market Trixie.

If you missed any of the homes in the tour..No worries!
You can just hop on that little button below and it will take you to the beginning. 


I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!!
xoxo Susie