Vintage Stocking Stretcher DIY

You know the old saying..

"when life gives you lemons"..?

Yeah, that one.


I have been up to my eyeballs painting signs and with all that ...

I get a lot of scraps.

Enter Country Living...

Oh the pure sweetness in this photo!

So I drew out a few on paper and hung them up just to see...

I hit my scrap pile up and found some perfect pieces.

I used a jigsaw to cut these out.

At the top of each stocking, I drilled a hole in each one.

Using some wire my husband had around, I hung them from my mantel.

How sweet!

The concern did fill my kids faces.

How's Santa gonna fill our stockings?

Keep in mind my babies are 23, 21 and 13.

I just smiled a Grinch kinda smile...mwaahaahaa

No worries kids...

I have back up stockings ;)

xoxo Susie


I struggle everyday.

Am I a good enough wife and mother?

Do I call my parents enough?

Am I there enough for my brothers and sister?

Do I measure up?

Too often we value ourselves by what others think.

We long to be accepted and included.

It's exhausting.

trust me.. I know first hand.


If you still your mind and heart and listen.

Really listen...God promises.

You are enough!

You are blessed, chosen, adopted, accepted, redeemed and forgiven!


And sometimes, when we are filling low, we need to be reminded.

I am redeemed.

Yesterday was one of those days for me.

So I painted..

Below is a little info in case you need a reminder some days too.

It measures 14"x 21"

The photo doesn't show it very well but the wording is painted in a metallic gold. Background is in black.

Something so different for me and I love it.

To purchase redeemed, you can visit my shop

Or see below.

25.00 + shipping

xo Susie


A new design!

I fell in love with this little prayer years ago.

I scribbled it on a piece of paper and tucked it into my desk.

That's where I put all of my "wish list" things.

Things I want to paint for myself.

The piece of paper got shoved way to the back and didn't reappear until I unpacked and cleaned my office.

A move will do that to ya.

You rediscover lost treasures.

I just wish I hadn't waited so long to paint this.

It was one of those pieces that I just didn't want to stop till it was all done...

doodling at its

                                                                              xoxo Susie

Grateful Graffiti

It goes way back...

The need to doodle that is...

It's in my DNA I guess..

I just can't leave paper and pen alone.

Paper and pen can take me anywhere..everywhere..anytime..

Shipping packages is one of the perks of my day.

I'm sending a piece of my heart to your home.

oh there are cute tags involved 

But something was just missing.

That blank brown paper was just so....blank.


I grabbed the first thing in our junk drawer close by.

Good ole' Crayola!

This was my first one...

It felt good turning that blank brown paper into a canvas of thanksgiving.

After the first, I knew I could not help myself.

All day. I doodled.

I let my heart spill over.

And it felt good y'all...

I know my silly little doodles will be crumbled and pitched but it's OK.

If just one... speaks to someones job was done.

Many of you could buy from fancy department stores or huge chains...

But for the ones that find it in their heart to buy handmade..

I am thankful.

xoxo susie

Wooden Antlers DIY

Over the weekend I went to one of my favorite go to Christmas shops.

It's a nursery in Baton Rouge  ( Louisiana Showplace Nursery) and they go all out with their designs.

It's one of those places where inspiration spills over.

While there, I spotted a tree with antlers.

Very cute but very pricey!

and the story goes....

I can make my own using wood scraps I have around the house!

So I searched for the perfect pattern and traced it onto wood.

Using my jigsaw, I cut it out and sanded it with my hand sander.

This is just the raw wood and I am so loving it.

Problem is....

You can't stop at just one...

Or two!

These guys are addicting and so much fun to cut out.

I stained a set or two just to see how I would like them.... adorable.

Everyone here so far has voted for the stain look.

I... myself... love the look of both.

Here is just a little peek at one.

I'm saving the tree reveal for our Holiday House Walk.

This will be my 3 rd year participating in Jennifer Rizzo's tour.

If you are in need of a little inspiration, you can visit here to see last years tour.

Now .. where else can I use these cute little wooden antlers...hmmm?

I have a few ideas and can't wait to share them soon.

Have you started  thinking about your Christmas decor for this year?

I have one gift bought so far.

I'm on a roll

Ps.. no reindeer were injured for this post lol

xoxo Susie

a new studio space and more

Last week was full of unexpected surprises.

Our middle one decided to move home.

She is a junior in college and was missing her Momma ;)

Although that made me the happiest Momma, I had one problem to resolve.

When she moved out, I moved my studio into her room. YIKES.

You may remember her room transformation here.

Over the course of a few days, I managed to move it all into Maddy's old room.

It's a small room off of our family room.

At first I was a bit scared of the limited space.

it's kinda cozy in here and I feel connected to the world once again.

You may remember that little trip I took a few weeks ago?

This was one of the treasures I brought home.

It was Miss Mustard Seed's office chair.... 

I guess you could say it's kinda famous.

She told me that her sweet chair painted in Lucketts green was in a few magazine spreads.

I can see why..
well with all of that yummy green chippy paint and vintage charm.

It's comfy too!

You wouldn't believe me if I told you how much I paid for it I bet..

38.00 sweet smackers!!... I know

Did I mention that I moved every single thing in here while fighting the worst cold of my life..

yeah... that was the downside. 

The left side of the room holds my coat rack and "every little thing" sign that I paint.

You can see this wall and the back wall from my family room.

I'm kinda lovin' the view.

The antlers... 

Oh those wonderful antlers!!

They too were from Miss Mustard Seeds booth.

Rhoda spotted them first but thank goodness she didn't have a need for them.

On the right wall is a large window facing my patio.

We have a fountain out there and it makes for the perfect background noise.

So peaceful..

My only problem so far is the carpet.

We replaced the carpet in the last room with easy to clean wood like floors.

They looked great and were a breeze to clean up.

We may have to go this route once again.

In front of the window is a large fold out table.

It holds a lot of my junk and is a great place to work.

Not sure what happened to the shot of the table.

I have a pedestal that I use in the middle of the room to paint my larger pieces on.

I just move it around the room when need be.

I hope to settle in and tweak a few things here and there as I see fit along the way.

Funny story there...

While at the Chapel Market a few weeks ago, one of Layla's friends asked us about our homes.

She wondered if we all had older fixer uppers or newer homes.

We each took a turn sharing about our homes.

When my turn had come,

I explained that our home was built about 14 years ago.

I proceeded to explain that I loved twerking around the house.

Oh my word...

As soon as "twerked" escaped out of my mouth, I could feel my face glow with embarrassment.

Did I just say twerk?

I did.

Lets just say we all had a good laugh that day.

xo Susie