Happy Endings...

That wedding that I mentioned in my last post..

You know the one where we were to get very stormy weather...

God met us there.. with sunshine!

Our day started early getting our beauty on at the spa.

This Is the bride Brittany...my niece.

She is such a doll.

My sweet girl Maddy..

After the up'dos were all completed we headed back to the plantation.

She had a few special gifts to open...sweet.

We had fun in the Bridal Suite getting ready..

The groom ...and  photo bomber Chris AKA best man.

This picture of my Brother in law and niece just melts my heart.

BIL and sista Missy

Both of my girls stood in the wedding.

I couldn't resist showing you their tubs..

All of the rooms here in the plantation were just as beautiful.

Below is my nephew and Godchild Blaise.

He is Brother of the Bride.

I'm still trying to figure out when my 13 year old grew up...

They said "I do"

And just like that...

they were married and rode off to the reception...what fairy tales are made of

I think this wedding was one of the prettiest I have ever seen.

My sister is the master party planner indeed!

And my husband... He drank 3 gallons of sweet tea that night.

I wish I was kidding..lol

Behind the scenes... they watched their games

and danced the night away

What a fun night!

And they will live happily ever after...

And we will wait patiently for sweet babies to hold ...one day...

xoxo Susie


  1. Susie...thanks so much for sharing such a happy event! A plantation wedding, how beautiful! I think the getting ready part is just about the best part of the day (my daughter got married in May). The bride is simply lovely and she has a very handsome groom. You and your sister look very much alike, and you look stunning in black.

    Again, thanks for sharing family pictures and a fairy tale wedding!


  2. Weddings are so fun and so beautiful.

  3. Beautiful wedding! You can see the happiness on everyone's face!! Congrats to the bride and groom!

  4. Such a gorgeous wedding. Your girls are just beautiful. Congratulations to the happy couple!


  5. What a beautiful bride! Such a wonderful and happy time. Your daughters look so pretty as do you and your sister!

  6. Beautiful wedding, beautiful people! The photo with your nephew is awesome. You look amazing!

  7. Nothing beats a Southern wedding! I had to laugh when I saw the bride and bridesmaids in their button down shirts. My brother got married this past weekend as well, and all of us girls wore button down shirts as well while getting ready. We were reverse--bride in white, bridesmaids in the same purple! Love it!

  8. Beautiful wedding! What a lovely family you have. Thanks for sharing :)
    So, let me get this straight...Not only did your sister plan and carry-out a gorgeous wedding; she did this while building a new house too?! Stress much? Bless her heart!!!

  9. That shot of the girls in the fountain is absolutely darling- a memory for them all, for sure!

  10. I love Brittany! She is gorgeous inside and out! Her wedding was gorgeous! I'm sure you helped them do a little planning? Thanks for the beautiful pics!


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