Finding the right color..

I think I found it.

Finally. I think..

The perfect shade of black.

After 3 tries... It.  Was. About. Time.

I first started with a slate black from Home Depot.

I painted it and stepped back... hmmm?

Everyone thought it was blue.

Attempt #2 found me at Lowe's with Black Magic.

I thought it was THE ONE...

Only to find out it was too black.

Funny thing was, my husband never noticed the change in wall color.

That may have been a good thing ;)

So attempt #3

Cracked Pepper.

We have a winner!!

My room is so dark the light was needed and showed off by glaring all over the wall... 


I found the one!

It's more of a dark grey...

Can you spot my new little table?

I found it at Target and it was just what I was wanting.

Love when that happens.

And that yummy warm sweater blanket, Target!

So here you have it folks... Cracked Pepper.

The perfect choice for me, even if it took 3 tries ;)

Do you struggle with paint colors?

Are you a sample painter or a full blown paint the whole wall and wait and see?

I'm a whole wall kinda gal..

You think I would have learned by now?

xoxo Susie


  1. I am definitely a sample painter. When we decided to paint our kitchen I had so many different color samples on the wall it looked like I was painting it in large different colored polka dots!! We settled on a beautiful soothing gray. I love it!

  2. I usually just plunge right in a paint a whole room, but I am starting to become a sampler after having too many "wrong ones". LOL

  3. Your room has turned out just gorgeous! Love your new table!


  4. Love the color! Do you mind sharing where you found your white matelasse coverlet and pillows??

    1. I found them a few years ago at Bed Bath and Beyond.

  5. I bought a table from the same aisle at Target - I saw yours!! Starting my bedroom redo... Did you do your own headboard? I can't remember if you did a post on it.... I'll have to check...

    1. Thanks Heather! The headboard came from World Market in Baton Rouge.

  6. PS - love your new blog look!

  7. Love the wall color! Your headboard looks so great against the blackboard like wall!

  8. could you share with us the link or the actual name of the Target blanket pretty please? Love it.

  9. LOVE that blanket! And yes, I am so indecisive on paint colors. So much so that I just don't paint because I'm afraid of making the wrong decision!


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