Finding my voice

Ever since I was a little girl... I wanted to sing.

Not just sing but give others goosebumps kinda sing.

I took private lessons and even joined the church choir.

Nope... not even with lessons and putting myself out there did I become goose bump worthy.

I wondered why God gave that gift to so many but left me out.

As I grew older,,, I sang softer and softer.

I stepped back from the choir and hushed my voice.

For years I prayed.. Lord just give me a sweet voice and I can sing my heart out for you!

It never happened.

Last night..

While I was working on some orders, I felt the urge just to paint...

No lines or limits... just paint.

So I started listening to one of my favorite songs

And I painted.. and bless my heart.. I sang.

I must have hit replay 10 times before my pictures was complete.

It just felt  good to paint and allow the music to seep into my soul.

 no rules or regulations...Grace met me there.

I hung the piece on the wall and even shared it on Instagram.

Words.. No words.

I fell asleep thinking about that canvas.

And. That's. When . It. Hit. Me

God did answer my prayers.

 I was just too blind to see it.

I found MY voice.

It's in painting!!

I may not be able to sing like a canary, but His words flow through my paint brush.

This morning I could not get out of bed fast enough..

I had to finish this piece..

All of these years, I was searching..

And all of these years... 

The words were just right there..

Waiting on me to find them...

I will lift my voice
To worship You my King
And I will find my strength
In the shadow of Your wings...

Are you searching for your voice?

 I received a few emails asking to see the painting when finished and if I would sell it?
Although no two will be just alike, I would love to offer these to those wanting one.
It measures 34"x 34" painted on birch and distressed just a bit.
130.00 + shipping
If interested, email me at

xoxo Susie


  1. What a beautiful voice He gave you :) xo

  2. Susie,
    This touched me so!! And I'm so thankful with you that you could see the way He answered your prayer all those years is a beautiful voice indeed! You bless me, sister!

  3. I have recently been wondering where my life has been going, this awful heavy feeling making me feel a bit lost. I dabble in many things and would love to get back to art, just doodling away at nothing in particular. I've restocked all my art supplies and they sit waiting for me, its like I am terrified of even picking up a pencil and making those first few marks. I use delay tactics and all sorts of excuses. I write blog posts and facebook posts about lost inspiration, hoping someone will give me the answers. I'm not a deeply religious person, i follow my own beliefs, but I do believe in a higher power. Your post gave me goosebumps, I'm looking in all the wrong places, asking the wrong people. Thank you for showing me the 'go-to' person. Blessings.


  4. Beautiful in all ways!


  5. Your light shines to others by sharing your talents!
    Love it!

  6. Brought tears to my eyes, Susie. I can just imagine you singing your heart our to your King while delighting in your painting. I have often felt as you described here. Thanks for sharing your sweet heart with your readers. And LOVE the painting!

  7. Oh, sweetie, this post made me cry. You certainly have found your voice. God has blessed so many people through your talent...including me! I introduced a precious friend of mine to your blog and now she's hooked! :) Love you!

  8. Susie,

    I love how honest and open you always are. If I wasn't so far away up in in Canada, I'm sure we'd be fast friends!


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