Not a blog event goes by that I don't take something special home within my heart.

Maybe a new friend, a new memory, a lesson learned..

But this trip y'all... 

This community...

This little piece of heaven...

It really taught me how to be a part of a community.

How to welcome friends with open arms and open hearts.

If you've known me for any length of time, I take things slow.

I'm that neighbor across the fence.

The one that looks lovingly over at your beautiful manicured lawn but too afraid to walk across it.

Too afraid .. to step out.

This weekend... I crossed that fence.

I tucked fear deep inside that suitcase and traveled across two states...

If you have followed Layla, you know that she took a leap of faith too.

In so many ways.

She joined a new community and said yes to an adventure.

I do believe with all my heart ...

God met us all there.

He opened doors and changed lives.

This little community, it's so BIG in so many ways.

Within hours of me crossing that fence and stepping out in faith..

A group of friends gathered to prepare a meal and open their home for us...

I do believe my heart grew two sizes at that very moment.

So off we went on a golf cart driven by Layla... passing story book homes

And picturesque waters..

We stopped in front of the home of Layla's friend that was hosting our dinner... breathe Susie breathe

Not to look too blogger'ish, I tucked my camera away and pulled out my cell.

They welcomed us.

They cooked for us.

That evening was so surreal for many of us.

As Jazz music and geese filled the brisk night air, I had to keep pinching myself.

After our dinner, we all loaded up in golf carts and headed back to the chapel.


We made one quick stop at a house on the way.

Can you guess?

I'm so blessed to have friends that I have known for years like her

and KariAnne.

Funny story there..

I have known Kari and blogged with her for years and yet I never made the connection until this weekend.

She is a hoot yall!

thank you.. thank you.. thank you..

"for being that community"

It's scary stepping out...

I know, trust me ... I know..

But if you let fear stand in your way,

You might just miss out on something as wonderful as this.

Now that I'm back and in my own little neighborhood, I've been doing some thinking.

I want to be the one!

It doesn't mater where you live.

Or how long you have blogged..

Step out from behind that fence!

Some sweet neighbors might just be on the other side waiting for you.

Speaking of sweet neighbors, these two below hosted our dinner.

Are they not the cutest couple?

It was so hard saying goodbye to old friends and new ones..

As I drove over the hill and headed home, I took a piece of Pikes Road home with me.

I almost had a Mr Rogers moment..

oh yes, I'm going there...

Won't you be my neighbor?

I adore all of you...

xoxo Susie


  1. Wasn't that place amazing almost surreal. I was so excited to meet you that morning of the market. Met lots of new people that day. It was great!!

  2. wow, it looks stunning, and exciting and fun! Wish I lived closer, I would love to be part of a community. Not brave enough to try it alone, here, way out here! Congrats on a great time.

  3. Oh, what a sweet post! I'm the one that fears stepping out as well. I've been reading about community to often lately and the importance of it. I'm feeling that nudge to step out ;)

  4. That's it! When are we having lunch? Grab sister and let's go! Next week - let's pick a day neighbor.... :)

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