Back when..

Back when I was cool...

A lot.

I put a crow in every corner and boo'ed the house.

 I silently wished I worked for Pottery Barn.

Planning their every move and decking their halls.

I dream about it still.

But while I'm on a roll to share,

when I was little...

I dreamed of becoming a bus driver/teacher.

I would make a stop on my bike at every driveway down our country road to drop off imaginary kids.

The neighbors I'm sure worried about me.

As I expanded my horizon...

I longed to be an office worker.

So every Christmas and birthday I would request office supplies.

Not the fake ones in the toy section but the real deal y'all.

I then moved on to cake decorator and

the pretty lady that signed music for the deaf at our church
(I made up my own signs along the way) lol

The list went on and on and on...

I think I covered every trade in the book.

And then..

One day..

I fell in love.....

And a couple of years later, found my dream job!

It was then.... that I knew.... I had found my calling.

It has been the best job yet!

And yes, I still pretend to work for Pottery Barn..

So why am I talking about years past and not sharing a cool fall display?

Cause this girl has been getting ready.

I have been painting and catching up ...kinda

So I can spend a couple of

I can't begin to tell you how excited I am..

Will you be going too?

Oh How I would love to see you!

xoxo susie


  1. Oh I WISH I could go!!! I'm sure everyone there will fall in love with your creations!

  2. PS: In my 2nd grade class journal I wrote that I wanted to be "a cashier at walmart... but I'd have to be very smart to get such great job". My dad always told us that he either wanted to be the guy who hangs off the back of the trash truck, or a street car driver.

  3. Would love to be at that show, but can't make it that far. John finished up his 45 treatments on Thursday - Thank You Lord!

    I always wanted to be one of the dancers on the show "Hit Parade". That sure shows my age! LOL


  4. So wish I could go -- bet your signs will be a hit! Good luck!
    xo Heidi

  5. Nice post! Those mantels vignettes are so pretty. Wishing the best luck to you there!

  6. Just to clarify ... I will be going as a guest (shopper) not a vendor. Maybe one day though ;)

  7. Oh, I thought you would have been a vendor, too! I was going to ask you to photograph your items so tnose of us who couldn't come could see what we were missing!
    I love your your art and decorating. I am lucky to have a few of your signs in my home...and I am sure I will be getting more!
    Have fun!
    Cindy R.

  8. Your mantels have all been beautiful over the years, Susie! Have fun at the market!

  9. Oh I wish I could stow away in your car!! It looks fantastic! Have a wonderful time and Instagram all the pictures!

  10. LOVE your fireplace screen...can I ask where you got it?


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