words with meaning

What makes my job so special?

Your stories shared.

This was a special order for a sweet reader.

She battled breast cancer last year.

And you know what?

She won!

I love hearing the stories behind each sign.

They are not just words on a slab of wood....

These are words that were believed.

Words that feed her fire and kept her going.

What an honor to paint this for her.

His words.

His promises.

Her courage.

Her triumph!

What a blessing to take part in such a miracle.

How can I not love this job?

Thank you for sharing your stories.

Thank you for trusting me with your hearts.

With every word painted, it's etched into my soul, never to be forgotten.

Thank you!

xoxo Susie


  1. Words to live by, great sign for a sweet person who needs our words of healing. Di@Cottage-Wishes

  2. Beautiful sign Susie and wonderful story to go with it.. Yay

  3. Well, you made me cry! I love my sign; you did an awesome job. Thanks so much for getting it done in such a timely manner also. Now just got to get the husband to help me hang it.. It will always have a special meaning for me, plus I will always think of the talented and caring blog land friend behind the work.

  4. Just had to post.....loved this story. And the verse. Blessings and continued great health to "the winner"!!!!

  5. Love the sign and LOVE the story behind it. What a special way to celebrate this victory and encourage others.


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