Serving up holiday leftovers..

Everything we had planned to do this holiday weekend...

flew right out the window.

It's OK though.

I gotta new car out the deal.

My ole faithful of almost 10 years left us. Bless her

Can you bless a car?


Saturday we crunched numbers.

Sunday I test drove her to visit a friend in town.
more on that soon


Monday.. she was ours.

All shiny and new and not paid for.

But a girls gotta travel so we sucked it up lol.

Making up some lost time,

 I drug some stuff down from the attic.

Holiday Leftovers I like to call em.

Below is my banner from last year.

And like all good leftovers..

we try and change em up a bit.

I opted to leave the letters off.

Do you serve up holiday decor leftovers?

They cost you nothing and are quick to dish up.

This year my plan is to stick to a holiday leftover course.

I may have to add in a few sides here or there.

But the plan is to spend less and enjoy more!

I plan on taking some of my leftovers from years past and putting a twist on them.

Do you have a favorite Holiday leftover that you enjoy year after year?

If so I would love hear all about it.

xoxo Susie


  1. I love coming here :) If for nothing else than to grin at the way you write, as I suspect you talk. Which is me! You're a fun person, Susie, and your blog is informative (always has been) and it's always nice to leave a blog feeling happier than when you got there. ~ Nancy

  2. I pulled my stuff out and did not want to use most of it and the crazy thing is I didn't want more of different either, I just want a few small things nothing excessive! God has changed me. Enjoy more, beautiful words!

  3. Well, I would say candy corn, but there are NEVER any leftovers of THAT around here! ;)

  4. Leftovers for Holiday decor is always on my menu. It's fun to see how they can be made new again.

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