Save your stems and other ramblings

Have you ever had so much to say and just don't know where to start?

Yeah, that's me today.

I will try and distract you with a lot of pictures in case I ramble on...

Friends can do that... ramble.. you know.

I guess by now all of you have started to jazz up your homes with fall.

They have some really neat Fall Home Tours going on now too.

Makes me wish I could just pack my bags and visit each one.

How fun that would be!

I love being able to swoon over all of your homes and enjoy so many neat styles.

So many personalities.

You learn a lot about a person from their decorating I believe.

Please don't judge me too

I often wonder what my decor says about me.

Boring...but peaceful.

Monochromatic... but soothing.

Dusty... but loved.

Yep.. that would be me

I find I do the same thing with my wardrobe. You?

Now changing the subject just a bit...

What do you do with your old pumpkins?

Do you pitch em out?

Year before last I saved mine.

Well .. not the pumpkin itself but the stem.

I know, my husband thought I was weird having a bag of stems drying in the shed.

Fast forward one year and a bag full of dried stems..

You can perform 

Stemoplasty on your pumpkins.

You heard that right, Stemoplasty.

I talked about it here last year

I took my old plastic/foam pumpkins and removed the ugly faux stem.

I replaced them with my dried real stems.

On the one below, I even added a leaf and some moss.

I have yet to buy a pumpkin this year.

I know I will cave though...

Something about having the real deal I guess.

Our problem here in the deep south is it's so hot...

You place your pumpkins outside and a week later... mush.

They rot and ugh... it's just not pretty. trust me

It's hard to believe that this pumpkin below was once a very un-natural neon orange with a hideous plastic stem.

I know!

You can see how I painted these lil darlings here

Am I out of pictures already?

Awe man!

I still have so much rambling left ...just kidding...maybe.

Speaking of friends and rambling and get togethers...

Will you be going to the Chapel Market?

If so, I hope to see you there.

It's gonna be so much fun!!!
(said like a 12 yr old girl)

xoxo Susie


  1. Cute idea....never thought to save my stems!!! :-) gosh, we haven't talked in forever!! I haven't been hanging up on twitter as much....too much real life going on! Hugs!!!

    1. Hi there!!! Gosh I have missed you too. I miss the old ole days when I could just read blogs for hours. Miss you!

  2. I forgot that you saved your stems - that was rather brilliant! It's too hot here in Texas to even fake it in my opinion. It was 99 yesterday. It would feel silly to put pumpkins out. Next week I'm planning to start faking it though.

    I've always loved you and your blog because you are honest and sweet. Stay just like that!

    1. Hi Stacey! Thank you so very much for the kind words. Hugs

  3. Smart & clever idea to save those stems even to use on a real pumpkin that come without a stem, but to use on a plastic pumpkin even better. I too lean toward the simple, calm colors especially in my bedroom. When I'm at my sister's with the large print & busy wallpaper, I feel hyper. I've enJOYed your blog for about 3 years now.

    1. Hi joy! I'm with you on the bold colors. I love them but I enjoy the soft colors in my own home. We have enough excitement with 3 kids lol


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