Rusty nails...

You ever had a day where so much needed to get done but didn't?

I'm ignoring that list and it's tapping foot....tap tap tap..

Today is one of those days.

I'm just giving in to it.

Even if it's just for an hour or a quick chat with you.

Funny thing happened yesterday..

My little bounced into the car after cheer practice begging for a ride to the Goodwill.

Wellllll alrighty now.. I have rubbed off on her I'm guessing.

It was only short lived though.

She informed me that

"nerd day"

 is tomorrow.... I stand corrected.

So I gathered up a group of giggly 13 yrs olds and we headed for the Thrift store.

Only to end up at Wal Mart, due to the fact that they must all match.

Ha ha...

High wasted, elastic banned blue jean shorts and a red and grey polo was their liking.

They will complete their ensemble with sport knee socks and black glasses..

These are the good times y'all.

They remind me of fall and homecoming weeks.

Giggly girls in the backseat.

I know it really doesn't have much to do with ironstone nor pumpkins...

It's just my reminder to catch these moments and hold em snugly in my heart.

It's days like these that I'm grateful for rusty nails...


 His reminders of love for YOU and me.

xoxo Susie


  1. I just love this post. I loved it when my daughter was that age...she is now 33!

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  2. I just love this post. I loved it when my daughter was that age...she is now 33!

  3. Yes ma'am. You couldn't be more right.

  4. Oh I miss those days, they were so much fun. Always hectic and sometimes a little frantic, but fabulous. Sweet precious memories, so enjoy. Hugs, Marty

  5. Enjoy those memories! Thanks for the lovely post.

  6. It seems I have had a lot of days like that around here. At least the day ended with a smile on your face and a precious memory of your little one. Your photos are pretty by the way. simple and gorgeous just the way I like them.

  7. I love this...I rush through my days just wishing sometimes this season of our lives would go away, but I miss the goodness within it when I do that.

  8. Hi Susie, love your vignette and old table. Yes, the years pass by fast. My two girls are 34 and 38. I'm Judy's friend Brenda in Tulsa.

  9. Hey Susie, I followed you from Thistlewoodfarm. Your comment got my attention. You sounded a lot like me. And now that I'm at your blog ... oh my goodness! I love what you're doing. Your home is gorgeous! I'm loving those gray walls (((sigh))).
    I look forward to seeing more and I hope you'll visit when you can.
    Have a wonderful Sunday!

  10. Again, you brought memories to my heart and balm to my soul with the way you ended this post. You're a great blogger, SusieQ. Not just an great artist, but an awesome blogger to boot. much love and blessings for this great week ahead of us :)

  11. You are right to hold on tight to times like these. My daughter is 26 and my son is 20. It goes so very fast!! Love your posts! You are such an inspiration!

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