If ever in Baton Rouge...

If you ever find yourself deep in the southern parts of Louisiana...

This place is a must see.

It's hidden in the heart of Baton Rouge and if you don't know it whereabouts... you'll pass it right up.

In between the hospital and huge state office buildings is a tiny  gravel road.

turn right...

Be prepared to go back in time.

Our River Road along the Mississippi River is known for grand plantations but this place here...

It the real deal ya'll.

How the average "Joe" would have lived.

You know... us worker bees

This magical secret place I'm referring to is called LSU Rural Life Museum.

It's a hands on kinda place where you can stroll their grounds.

It's set up like just like you would have found it many years ago.

This would have been the main house.

Not a plantation but beautiful and perfect...

for us "normal folk" lol

I looked up and found this interesting.

Most of the porch ceilings I have found in the south have been painted blue.

This one was the sweetest pink.

This is how many houses were built back then..

They used a lot of material on hand like mud and moss.

The house below would have belonged to the overseer.
This person would sign a year contract with the property owner.
They would reside in the home and take care of the land and workers.

After just minutes of walking around...

It almost felt like home.

You forget you're in the middle of a huge city.

This barrel below was used to catch and hold rain water.

We picked the perfect weekend to visit!

This was their fall reenactment.

Volunteers of all ages dressed and played their part.

It felt like I was on the set of "little house on the prairie"

The old school house

Maddy was so in love with this place, she signed up to be a junior volunteer.

On the grounds they have a general store...

It's set up just like you would have found years ago.

You are free to walk around and touch and explore..

I love that!

And this piece.... the postal cabinet..LOVE!!

And just as we were about to par take in a wagon ride...

A war broke out!

to be cont..

xo Susie


  1. What a lovely and peaceful place to visit - until the war broke out! LOL


  2. Hey Susie girl! We actually did have the opportunity to see the Rural life museum. We found it interesting and loved walking all over the grounds.
    We moved a couple of months ago. Sad we never got together to have lunch. : (
    If you are ever up in the Chicagoland area let me know. I would love to show you downtown Chicago.

  3. Oh, I have got to visit here. I have not been to Baton Rouge since I lived in Ponchatula-oh about 27 years ago. I have been all over Louisiana-have to come back at every three months or so-I get so homesick don't ya know!

  4. I love the Rural Life Museum! The best time to go is in the fall when the pumpkins are ready and it is a bit cooler. My husband really loved it, too.

  5. I think one of the reasons I love you is our mutual love of the history of a place. I love to visit places like that and imagine what life would have been like back then. You lucked out with the reenactment!

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