Butcher Chart

moooove over dishes, there's a new guy in town!

He is a biggie at that.

 49" 1/2 x 25" 1/5 with the wooden trim.

Hand painted and distressed, this guy is just too sweet.

If he only knew he was a walking target..lol

I'm going to be honest here.

At first I didn't feel the love on these butcher charts.

Like who would want a chart of something like that? Really?

And then I painted him and hung him in my dinning room.... love

This huge guy just melted my heart and has found a home on this wall.

I may hang a few of my dishes on each side of him.  maybe

For now I just walk past him and wonder why it took me so long.

I am loving these charts.

And just in case you fell in love with him too...

To learn more about this and other signs or to place an order, you can email me here..


125.00 + 40.00 shipping

xo Susie


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