If ever in Baton Rouge...

If you ever find yourself deep in the southern parts of Louisiana...

This place is a must see.

It's hidden in the heart of Baton Rouge and if you don't know it whereabouts... you'll pass it right up.

In between the hospital and huge state office buildings is a tiny  gravel road.

turn right...

Be prepared to go back in time.

Our River Road along the Mississippi River is known for grand plantations but this place here...

It the real deal ya'll.

How the average "Joe" would have lived.

You know... us worker bees

This magical secret place I'm referring to is called LSU Rural Life Museum.

It's a hands on kinda place where you can stroll their grounds.

It's set up like just like you would have found it many years ago.

This would have been the main house.

Not a plantation but beautiful and perfect...

for us "normal folk" lol

I looked up and found this interesting.

Most of the porch ceilings I have found in the south have been painted blue.

This one was the sweetest pink.

This is how many houses were built back then..

They used a lot of material on hand like mud and moss.

The house below would have belonged to the overseer.
This person would sign a year contract with the property owner.
They would reside in the home and take care of the land and workers.

After just minutes of walking around...

It almost felt like home.

You forget you're in the middle of a huge city.

This barrel below was used to catch and hold rain water.

We picked the perfect weekend to visit!

This was their fall reenactment.

Volunteers of all ages dressed and played their part.

It felt like I was on the set of "little house on the prairie"

The old school house

Maddy was so in love with this place, she signed up to be a junior volunteer.

On the grounds they have a general store...

It's set up just like you would have found years ago.

You are free to walk around and touch and explore..

I love that!

And this piece.... the postal cabinet..LOVE!!

And just as we were about to par take in a wagon ride...

A war broke out!

to be cont..

xo Susie

Rusty nails...

You ever had a day where so much needed to get done but didn't?

I'm ignoring that list and it's tapping foot....tap tap tap..

Today is one of those days.

I'm just giving in to it.

Even if it's just for an hour or a quick chat with you.

Funny thing happened yesterday..

My little bounced into the car after cheer practice begging for a ride to the Goodwill.

Wellllll alrighty now.. I have rubbed off on her I'm guessing.

It was only short lived though.

She informed me that

"nerd day"

 is tomorrow.... I stand corrected.

So I gathered up a group of giggly 13 yrs olds and we headed for the Thrift store.

Only to end up at Wal Mart, due to the fact that they must all match.

Ha ha...

High wasted, elastic banned blue jean shorts and a red and grey polo was their liking.

They will complete their ensemble with sport knee socks and black glasses..

These are the good times y'all.

They remind me of fall and homecoming weeks.

Giggly girls in the backseat.

I know it really doesn't have much to do with ironstone nor pumpkins...

It's just my reminder to catch these moments and hold em snugly in my heart.

It's days like these that I'm grateful for rusty nails...


 His reminders of love for YOU and me.

xoxo Susie

Knock Knock.....

Knock knock...

Who's there?


Boo Who?


You don't have to cry over your ugly doorknobs a second longer.

For years I have put off doing this five minute DIY that made a huge change!

I simply just cleaned my doorknob good and stuffed some painters tape in the key holes.

I taped up the surrounding area and got busy.

I used Oil rubbed bronze so it would match all of the other knobs in the house.

One coat... that's it!

Now I won't have to ditch and dodge the doorknobs in photos.

I am no longer ashamed when someone comes to my front door...

I just can't tell you what a huge difference one coat of spray paint can do...

Bring on the holidays!!!

This girl is ready..

xoxo Susie


 that's the name of my sweet new addition.

I'm really not sure if it's a boy or girl so I thought that clover would be a safe name..

I mean... bless its heart..

It came in a box with the name

Yearling Heifer Head!

I don't know about you, but being called a Heifer just didn't sound nice.. you know.

So maybe you can tell me?

Is a heifer a boy or girl?

OK... grazing on...

I first fell in love with clover over at Miss Mustard Seeds kitchen.

You can see more of her beautiful home here

And after I painted the butchers chart for my dinning room... 

I just knew...

See that wreath on the left below?

That's Clover's new hangout...

The family took  some time getting acquainted with clover.

It's not every day you see a cow head coming from a wall..

But they have adjusted nicely and have become quite fond..

OK.. fond might be going just a tad bit  too far..

but because they love me...

they tolerate haha.

I think it's just precious!

I found Clover here.

As soon as they listed these, I jumped on it.

You have to be lightin' speed fast cause they sell out in minutes.

I'm not sure when they will be back but I will keep you posted.

Clover came all snuggled in a bed of paper and weighed in at a proud 7.5 lbs.

I'm really not sure what material these guys are made of...

To me they almost look like bricks or a type of stone.

You can see the texture up close.

The photo below looks smooth but it really has the feeling of stone.

I'm sure you can guess now that I'm itching to make my  range hood like Miss Mustard Seed's.

I just love the look of those.

We have a microwave above ours now.

That has been our  my problem.. the microwave.

It's just ugly.

Guess what?

It died this weekend!!

Most would be sad for a loss as such.

I'm finding it may be just the step closer I need to getting that range hood I need want.

I'm trying to convince the Mr. that we can get a smaller one and hide it somewhere.

So far he is not buying into my idea.

So the question is...

Where is your microwave located and have you any ideas for a plan?

xoxo Susie

Save your stems and other ramblings

Have you ever had so much to say and just don't know where to start?

Yeah, that's me today.

I will try and distract you with a lot of pictures in case I ramble on...

Friends can do that... ramble.. you know.

I guess by now all of you have started to jazz up your homes with fall.

They have some really neat Fall Home Tours going on now too.

Makes me wish I could just pack my bags and visit each one.

How fun that would be!

I love being able to swoon over all of your homes and enjoy so many neat styles.

So many personalities.

You learn a lot about a person from their decorating I believe.

Please don't judge me too harsh...lol

I often wonder what my decor says about me.

Boring...but peaceful.

Monochromatic... but soothing.

Dusty... but loved.

Yep.. that would be me

I find I do the same thing with my wardrobe. You?

Now changing the subject just a bit...

What do you do with your old pumpkins?

Do you pitch em out?

Year before last I saved mine.

Well .. not the pumpkin itself but the stem.

I know, my husband thought I was weird having a bag of stems drying in the shed.

Fast forward one year and a bag full of dried stems..

You can perform 

Stemoplasty on your pumpkins.

You heard that right, Stemoplasty.

I talked about it here last year

I took my old plastic/foam pumpkins and removed the ugly faux stem.

I replaced them with my dried real stems.

On the one below, I even added a leaf and some moss.

I have yet to buy a pumpkin this year.

I know I will cave though...

Something about having the real deal I guess.

Our problem here in the deep south is it's so hot...

You place your pumpkins outside and a week later... mush.

They rot and ugh... it's just not pretty. trust me

It's hard to believe that this pumpkin below was once a very un-natural neon orange with a hideous plastic stem.

I know!

You can see how I painted these lil darlings here

Am I out of pictures already?

Awe man!

I still have so much rambling left ...just kidding...maybe.

Speaking of friends and rambling and get togethers...

Will you be going to the Chapel Market?

If so, I hope to see you there.

It's gonna be so much fun!!!
(said like a 12 yr old girl)

xoxo Susie