The Famous Fiddle-leaf Fig

Did you know that plants are like anything else in the decor world?

They go in and out of style.

I can remember back when the spider plants were all the rage.

My Mom taught my sister and I how to make macrame plant hangers for them.

Which... I'm happy to report... are on their way back in style.

So like many of you, I have wanted to join the Fiddle-leaf fig revolution.

But have mercy these jokers come with a pricey punch.

You can't imagine my delight when I spotted one at the Home Depot.

It was almost as if there was a beam of golden light shining down upon it from above.

OK... maybe not that dramatic but it did get my attention directly.

From time to time Home Depot has a promo of plants and this was one of their specials.

24.98... can you believe that?

I know!!

And just because Home Depot rocks, the cashier gave me an added 10% off because it had two dead leaves.

So I sprinted across the garden center in search of the perfect pot to hold this 5' fiddle.

While pushing my cart full of wood, my 5' plant, new pot and soil...

I made sure to instagram that sweet pea of a deal.

Many of you rushed out to get yours...

Please tell me you were able to find one too?

A few of you asked if they were indoor plants.

Yes.. they love a bright spot indoors but I'm told they can thrive well on a patio out of direct sun as well.

They are happiest when watered weekly.

And don't let the fear of a live plant scare you.

Home Depot has a great one year return policy.

Just make sure to hang on to your receipt.

This was not a paid ad.

It's just me finding a great deal and wanting to share it with all of my friends ;)

xoxo Susie


  1. Looks great and so nice and healthy!

  2. Recently I saw a BH&G or one of those magazines from the 70s and guess what...our friend the fiddle leaf was in there!! Cracked me up. You found a really nice one.

  3. Awesome! My house is too dark for it to thrive, but I can dream, right? It's really a pretty plant. xox

  4. Beautiful BIG plant! I don't think I have enough room anywhere to put one that big. But, it sure looks nice in your house!


  5. So happy for your great deal, Susie!! I bought one about half the size for about twice the price... Either way, they're beautiful plants and brighten and add life to any room. Enjoy yours!

  6. I ran to the local HD and found one for $24. Unfortunately, it was half the size and riddled with dead, brown spots on the leaves. The staff had no idea what was wrong with it, offered no discounts and tried to sell me 3 different tonics to remove the brown spots. This would have been an incredible deal had the plant expert been truly expert. I won't give up though. Thank you for the heads-up on a great deal and congrats on your find!

  7. I have the peefect spot for one.
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