I had a fun opportunity to work with a company called Lamps.com

Given the chance to pick out any light from a huge selection, I flew with it!

My first thought was play it safe and get something that would go in any room.

Stick with my normal boring white and silver.

But not this time.

This time I through caution to the wind and had fun!

I picked this little guy called Dimond-clear because of the cork shade.

This lamp is one of the many from the HGTV collection

Once it arrived, I had no problem finding a place to put him.

Problem was, sticking with a room.

This lamp looks great with any decor.

And because the shade is made of cork, I had fun dressing it up.

Vintage post cards would look sweet on this guy!

But for now, I'm enjoying this guy right next to my favorite chair.

Thank you Lamps.com

I love it!

xoxo Susie


  1. Oh my...I LOVE this cork shade...lucky you.

  2. Omg totally in love with this lamp! I was going to buy myself a lamp for my bday this month ( hey if I don't who will?! Lol) so checking this company out. Btw I pinned this to my decor board. I hope that's ok!

  3. Cute lamp and fabulous shade! I'm sure you will do wonders with that - probably in every room in the house at some point! LOL

    Hope all is going well with you and yours.


  4. I love the cork shade, and the glass body! I have been eyeing that style for a while now, but lamps can be so pricey, even cheapo versions from ikea. That one just might be my favorite so far due to the corkboard shade!


    1. Hi Katie! You will love this lamp... the shade is my favorite part too. Its what sold me.

  5. That is one stunning lamp.
    The gray rose is a very nice addition.

  6. Are you going to tell us about the craft weekend at the plantation?

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