Fun wooden flower pots!

Strolling through Home Depot picking up my weekly stash of wood...

I spotted this jewel below on the clearance rack.

Marked down to a sweet 1.00.

It had a screw on the top so I'm assuming it's a wooden foot of some sorts.

Ohhhhh... but what big plans I had for this sweetie.

Then it started my wheels a rolling and I swung by the lumber section...again.

I picked up one landscape timber.

(not the treated ones)

I cut a few pieces off the timber.

One about 4 inches and one about 6

Using a 1 1/2 paddle bit, I drilled a few holes.

For the little bun "foot"  I removed the screw and drilled a hole using the existing hole as a guide.

Then I painted a little strip around the two timber ones..

Using the flower pots my succulents came in worked perfect!

I cut them apart and yay!!!!

I  love when things work out

Sweet succulents.... I adore you!

You can even add a few rocks on top.

Home Depot.... where ideas happen!

(This was not a paid post)

xoxox Susie


  1. How cute and ingenious! That mind of yours is always thinking! Love your creative flower pots!


  2. now that is creative thinking...and awfully cute too! way to go susie!!!

  3. I immediately thought of a pumpkin when I seen it.

  4. Brilliant! I especially love the little "pumpkin." Well done!

  5. Very clever!! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Very cute idea! I'm going to keep an eye out for some clearance feet like yours!

  7. Okay so clever, Susie. Love how classic this look is! Way to go, girl! XO

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