Dining Room Table Makeover

She's a looker...she is.

But lets not forget her humble beginning.

We bought this set years ago when our house was first built.

Cherry was in and having two small kids, good bones were a must.

But over the years... even cute fruit could not hide her scratches.

Slip covers... bless their heart... they tried.

So it went down kinda like this..

I explained to my dear husband that I would be saving him a fortune.


I had a long stare down with this joker.

I almost lost.. a few times...


Thanks to you girls on instagram, I pushed through.

I sanded and took many IG breaks.

You girls rock by the way!

And one question here for the pros..

How do you sand going with the grain when its a weird circle?

Now with any DIY projects, you are bound to have a hiccup or two.

Sometimes three but who's counting?

I had envisioned my table being a flat grey stain.

I followed through with my plan and brought her inside.


What? Really? Blue?

The picture on the can surely was wrong, because what I got was a blue.

Have mercy.

Plan B.

I found a second choice in my paint cabinet.

It just so happened to be oops paint from Home Depot for .50cents.

Yes sir..

It's the perfect shade for a plan B.

Funny how sometimes your plan B's are better than that initial A.

Below is a close up of my new chairs found at World Market.

They were on sale and I even snagged one for 29.99.

More on that later.

I decided since my kids were grown and I hate sanding anything with a shine to it....

I waxed.

Now the can states that it is for use with Annie Sloan Chalk paint.

Good thing... she plays nice with clearance kids.

Worked like a pro!


I'm looking at all your curvy lines and rolls.

Who's scared now?

Yeah.. I thought so.

Never let furniture intimidate you... lesson learned.

I'm on the lookout for some fun chairs to place on the ends when my table is extended.

I have my eye on two wooden ones at World Market.

Maybe before the holidays.

For now, I'm smitten.

Hard work pays off.

Friends make sanding better.

I adore Sonic.

I may need a new sander.

xoxo Susie


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  2. The dining table and chairs look wonderful! Yeah you for overcoming the issues because it looks like it was so worth it.

  3. woo hoo, you finished it.. It looks great, I knew you could/would do it. Have a good day!

  4. wow. your table looks great, and I love that color too! you did a great job!

  5. It looks charming! (have any pics of the blue-gray?)

  6. It all looks FANTASTIC!!! Well done, Susie!

  7. Wowza, I love it. I have tried to get the nerve to do my dinning table and chicken out every time! Great job!

  8. The table looks beautiful and I love the chairs! Thankful for those alternate plans - I need them often.

  9. Such a beautiful table - thanks for sharing the ups/downs with us. I love how it turned out and especially love the chairs. You make such an elegant room.

  10. Great table makeover, it's beautiful. I snagged those same chairs from World Market in the spring for my breakfast room and I LOVE them!

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  12. Very very pretty! I also love the wall color-could you tell me what color is on the walls?

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