Asleep on the hay

This sweet face just makes me step back...

Take a minute and remind myself of so many blessings around.

The story behind the picture above started with a little red box.

It belonged to my Maw Maw that is now living with Jesus.

She treasured so many tiny things.

Things that would normally get pitched out in the rubble.

She saved.

She cherished.

Even the small things.

I was given the box after she had passed (at a sweet age of 100 1/2) Bless her.

Inside was a small assortment of greeting cards.

Many I'm assuming are very old.

Are these not the sweetest cards you've ever seen?

My favorite was the sweet baby Jesus.

I have been drawn to that precious card for years.

 I have even set it out with my Christmas decorations.


I pulled that card out and brought it to a print shop in town.

I had them blow it up to 24"x 24"

When she handed me the print...goosebumps!

It didn't take but a second to know just what I would do.

I decoupaged it right onto a piece of wood.

I didn't have to age it up much because "true years" took care of that for me.

I did hit it with a bit of stain and sanded the edges some before applying the mod podge.

After it was dry, I added some trim.

I. Am. In. Love.

Honestly, if I had a baby at home, I would hang it in the nursery year round.

I placed it on my mantel for now and I'm just enjoying it.

I'm having fun just thinking of all the places I could hang it for Christmas.

I may just keep it up year round.

It's just so sweet!

If you are interested in this sweet print, email me.

I would be happy to make one for you too..

I think my Maw Maw would be so proud of her little treasure now.

xoxo Susie


  1. What a super sweet piece!

  2. What a precious sweet photo! Don't you just love old cards? They just don't make them like that anymore!


    1. I agree mrs Judy.. It's hard to find cute cards nowadays

  3. Sweet story and sweet print! I think it would look lovely in a neutral nursery with nods to lambs throughout.

    1. How cute that would be. Almost makes me want another.. Ok maybe that was the paint fumes talking lol

  4. Amazingly precious!!!! What a gift!


  5. Love it! Lambs and babies and old greeting cards--all in the same sweet place.

  6. LOVE everything about this picture!!

  7. Absolutely gorgeous.

  8. Susie, I love your print!! I, too, was blessed to have a very wonderful grandma, and their things are treasures to us, aren't they? I would love to order a print of this "asleep on the hay" pic from you, my email is, if you could give me details on how to pay. Thank you so much, and thanks for your blog, I never miss it!!

  9. Oh my goodness, this is such a beautiful idea! I'm thinking of cards my grandma has given me that would be so precious blown up. Particularly one with the Polish words to "happy birthay" ("stolat") on it! Love love love this!

  10. I totally love it! and am always drawn to baby stuff. I love what you did with it and what a great idea for all of us. Thanks for sharing.

  11. susie. that is absolutely precious. what a genius idea to enlarge it and put it on wood!!! this is beautiful times a hundred. love!

  12. Susie girl you have do e it again! This is fabulous!!!! I adore this. Just adore it!

  13. I absolutely love it! So very precious, not only the subject matter but the story behind it! I have some vintage Christmas cards that were my great-aunt's (that I never had the privilege of knowing). I got them several months after Momma passed away, and I had a happy surprise when I found a card that she had sent to Aunt Nell before I was even a twinkle in Momma's eye. :)

  14. so pretty,, but love the story behind it even more.

  15. That is just adorable!! What a great idea to turn a greeting card into a piece of art. Of course the story about it belonging to you Maw Maw just makes it even more precious! No doubt she's so proud that you cared enough to make it something even more special; bless her heart I know she's just smiling down from heaven about it!

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