Is it beginning to look a lot like Christmas? and a Giveaway

I have been having Christmas on the brain for sometime now.

A few of you emailed me asking about Christmas signs.

Although I LOVE Christmas 360 days of the year...

It's hard to get in that mode when you're hanging on the beach or swatting mosquitoes on your back porch.

But y'all..

It's just around the corner..I know..Yikes..

So this girl got her busy on and started creating a few.

I wanted something that could represent our Lords special day. Everyday!

It's kinda hard paying so much for a sign, only to display it for a couple months.

So without further A'due...

"Go tell it on the mountain"

"Go tell it on the mountain"

This sign measures approx. 26" x 26" including frame.

It is hand painted and distressed for a rustic aged look.

Cost of sign is 100.00 + shipping.

"Let there be peace on Earth"

is another that can be enjoyed year round!

It is hand painted and distressed to replicate an old chalkboard.

This piece is painted and will not smudge or wipe off.

It is framed in a rustic stained wood and measures approx. 26" x 26"

100.00 + shipping

And then there's this lil fella

"be thankful"

I love the simplicity of it.

It measures approx. 23" x 16" framing included.

It is hand painted using a grey'ish blue and distressed for a rustic feel.

"thankful" can be changed out using a word of your choice and color is optional as well.

If you will be making a change, please let me know your word of choice or color change when ordering.

"be thankful"

50.00 + shipping

I am thankful.

Today I'm thankful for so many things.

YOU are right there at the top of my list.

Thank you for coming by when you can.

Just this morning I discovered I have written over 1000 post!!!

Can y'all believe it?

We have come a long way baby... this blog and I.

And just for fun!

Leave me one word what you are thankful for in the comment below and you will be entered to win

"be thankful"

xoxox Susie

Dining Room Table Makeover

She's a looker...she is.

But lets not forget her humble beginning.

We bought this set years ago when our house was first built.

Cherry was in and having two small kids, good bones were a must.

But over the years... even cute fruit could not hide her scratches.

Slip covers... bless their heart... they tried.

So it went down kinda like this..

I explained to my dear husband that I would be saving him a fortune.


I had a long stare down with this joker.

I almost lost.. a few times...


Thanks to you girls on instagram, I pushed through.

I sanded and took many IG breaks.

You girls rock by the way!

And one question here for the pros..

How do you sand going with the grain when its a weird circle?

Now with any DIY projects, you are bound to have a hiccup or two.

Sometimes three but who's counting?

I had envisioned my table being a flat grey stain.

I followed through with my plan and brought her inside.


What? Really? Blue?

The picture on the can surely was wrong, because what I got was a blue.

Have mercy.

Plan B.

I found a second choice in my paint cabinet.

It just so happened to be oops paint from Home Depot for .50cents.

Yes sir..

It's the perfect shade for a plan B.

Funny how sometimes your plan B's are better than that initial A.

Below is a close up of my new chairs found at World Market.

They were on sale and I even snagged one for 29.99.

More on that later.

I decided since my kids were grown and I hate sanding anything with a shine to it....

I waxed.

Now the can states that it is for use with Annie Sloan Chalk paint.

Good thing... she plays nice with clearance kids.

Worked like a pro!


I'm looking at all your curvy lines and rolls.

Who's scared now?

Yeah.. I thought so.

Never let furniture intimidate you... lesson learned.

I'm on the lookout for some fun chairs to place on the ends when my table is extended.

I have my eye on two wooden ones at World Market.

Maybe before the holidays.

For now, I'm smitten.

Hard work pays off.

Friends make sanding better.

I adore Sonic.

I may need a new sander.

xoxo Susie

Behind the scenes look...

Already this morning, I'm kickin' up dust!

Sanding my dinning room table that is.

Gone are the days of that old dark cherry wood.

If you would like to follow along with me today and everyday...

Join me on instagram!


Have you ever started something then started to wonder ...

what have I gotten myself into?

Yeah, that feeling.

I'm feeling it about now.

Come on over and keep me company today.

I could sure use the pep talk.

Oh ... and maybe a Sonic coke.

My treat ;)

xoxox Susie

Asleep on the hay

This sweet face just makes me step back...

Take a minute and remind myself of so many blessings around.

The story behind the picture above started with a little red box.

It belonged to my Maw Maw that is now living with Jesus.

She treasured so many tiny things.

Things that would normally get pitched out in the rubble.

She saved.

She cherished.

Even the small things.

I was given the box after she had passed (at a sweet age of 100 1/2) Bless her.

Inside was a small assortment of greeting cards.

Many I'm assuming are very old.

Are these not the sweetest cards you've ever seen?

My favorite was the sweet baby Jesus.

I have been drawn to that precious card for years.

 I have even set it out with my Christmas decorations.


I pulled that card out and brought it to a print shop in town.

I had them blow it up to 24"x 24"

When she handed me the print...goosebumps!

It didn't take but a second to know just what I would do.

I decoupaged it right onto a piece of wood.

I didn't have to age it up much because "true years" took care of that for me.

I did hit it with a bit of stain and sanded the edges some before applying the mod podge.

After it was dry, I added some trim.

I. Am. In. Love.

Honestly, if I had a baby at home, I would hang it in the nursery year round.

I placed it on my mantel for now and I'm just enjoying it.

I'm having fun just thinking of all the places I could hang it for Christmas.

I may just keep it up year round.

It's just so sweet!

If you are interested in this sweet print, email me.

I would be happy to make one for you too..

I think my Maw Maw would be so proud of her little treasure now.

xoxo Susie

Fun wooden flower pots!

Strolling through Home Depot picking up my weekly stash of wood...

I spotted this jewel below on the clearance rack.

Marked down to a sweet 1.00.

It had a screw on the top so I'm assuming it's a wooden foot of some sorts.

Ohhhhh... but what big plans I had for this sweetie.

Then it started my wheels a rolling and I swung by the lumber section...again.

I picked up one landscape timber.

(not the treated ones)

I cut a few pieces off the timber.

One about 4 inches and one about 6

Using a 1 1/2 paddle bit, I drilled a few holes.

For the little bun "foot"  I removed the screw and drilled a hole using the existing hole as a guide.

Then I painted a little strip around the two timber ones..

Using the flower pots my succulents came in worked perfect!

I cut them apart and yay!!!!

I  love when things work out

Sweet succulents.... I adore you!

You can even add a few rocks on top.

Home Depot.... where ideas happen!

(This was not a paid post)

xoxox Susie

Painted Burlap Flag DIY

After making two wreaths and one painted monogram hoop,

I still have burlap fabric left.

So I spent a few minutes looking through pinterest and boy they don't disappoint.

If you get a chance, drop by and check out some of the adorable flags.

If you aren't into making your own, they have some really cute ones for sale on Etsy.

Here is my no sew spin on it...

I picked up a flag stand at our local garden center.

I measured out enough to cover over the top.

Make sure you double it like below.

I found some cute letters here that you can download.

I changed mine up just a bit.

It's pretty much a repeat of how I did the monogram hoop

You just place your pattern under and paint over the lines.

Painting is my favorite part..

Once your paint is dry...

This is where I cheat a little.

I hate to sew. 

Any chance I can get around it ... I do.

Tacky glue to the rescue!

I just went along the edges and zig zagged around the center.

The glue also prevents it from fraying on the edges.

Make sure to leave an opening at the top of your flag so you can slide it over your pole.

And what cute flag is complete without a burlap bow...

You can see here that the glue dries clear.

Love love love these cute little flags.

When fall inches a bit closer, I will change out the bow along with my wreaths.

Little by little I'm looking forward to cooler temps and fun fall projects.

No rush though... just enjoying the journey :)

xoxox Susie