My guy

Today is my sweeties birthday.

Where he goes I will go.

Where he stays I will stay.

As long as we are together.

Over the years...

We just keep getting

My kids laugh at this one.

They say I look like "Margo" off  Christmas Vacation.

Guess that makes Marc Todd haha.

Happy Birthday sweetie!!



  1. Can't be Todd!! No way. :)

    Happy Birthday!

    1. hahaha... I love that show and the Todd and Margo bit is my favorite part. Like.. why is the carpet wet Todd? I don't know Margooooo haha

  2. Happy Birthday to your sweetie! What would we do without them?

  3. I'm not laughing at the "Margo" look, but the fact that the pic is taken in a cemetery???
    Happy birthday to the hubster!

    1. Its Ok you can laugh at the Margo..I did. And the cemetery, like who does that? haha It was for my Grandfather and My Grandmother wasn't well enough to attend so we took pictures. My idea. crazy I know. We laugh now bless his heart.

  4. Happy Birthday to your honey!
    I would have NEVER said you looked like Margo, but when you mentioned it, and I thought about the movie, I sort of see it. :)

  5. ahhh, Happiest Birthday to your sweetie guy.
    If you have time, would you swing over to my post for today and see the sign at the very end of the post...I want one..and since you are one of my favorite sign painters...would like to know how much you would charge to paint one for me...maybe a 12x14 or whatever size you think the words would work on best. ....turquoisey blue, faded and etc....
    thank ya, 'mam and if you are too busy right now, just let me know.
    xo bj
    (I'm the one that bought the CONKLIN typewriter letter sign from you a few years ago...)


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