A Gender Reveal

I can't tell you how many times I have lovingly looked over gender reveal parties..wishing.

Waiting for someone close to us to have a bebe.

Patrick and Amanda are two very special people and close to our hearts.

What an honor it was for Marc and I to finally host one.

Just put a huge stork in your yard with It's a Boy/Girl and the neighbors started calling lol..

I miss those days.

The party didn't start till 7 so I snapped a few while it was still bright.

The plants came from Wal Mart and just made the table complete.

The old scale and bowl came down from the attic.

Kaylee and I had fun shopping for tiny gowns and socks..

The baby soap was found at an antique mall years ago.

Still smells good too!

Jesse cooked a pastalaya and Kaylee made the cupcakes.

Pink lemonaide and blue punch.

I found these cute canisters from Target.

They looked like cut glass but were plastic and only 5 dollars.

How perfect!

Everyone had fun placing their guess on the chalkboard.

Team Isabella/Jackson

Team Jackson won by a landslide.

Their family has a long line of girls and a boy would make a perfect addition.


The reveal was in the firework show.

Blue or pink...

It was Blue!

I think the neighbors heard the cheers of joy miles away ;)

As for me..

I was team blue and pink.

I am so looking forward to having a itty bitty around to love on.

xoxo Susie


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