When meeting blog friends...

I wrote my very first blog back in 1/1/08

A week before that I had no idea what a blog was. 

Who knew?

994 post later, here I am today.

Funny how the years just fly past and the friendships grow!

Through blogging, I have met some awesome and talented women.

Above is a picture of Ana White and I.

This girl has some pretty mad building skills!

Back then it was a shocker telling friends and family that you were meeting strangers off the Internet.

My mom about died!

I didn't fear that impostor dressed like a DIY blogger driving a mini van.

I feared what to wear and say.

My advise now... BE YOURSELF!

You don't have to have a business plan nor fancy cards.

I made 300 handmade cards from scraps around the house.

Put your heart into it. Be YOU!

My first blog meet up was the second yr Blissdom.

Bless my heart.

I think my belly hurt the entire time.

Some of my sweetest memories are now my best friends!

Rhoda and I the first time we met in person.

She was always there to answer any blogging questions I had... and there were many lol..

She also introduced me to this sweet girl we have all grown to know and love.

The three of us hit the road for the longest yard sale.

I still look back and laugh at the video.

And yes, I'm still called Susie Bloop.

You have to watch till the very end to find out why :)

My second bit of advise...

Don't worry about what you will wear.

Although I know you will but trust me, it won't mater years later.

On this trip we were such a hot mess It didn't mater what we wore.

Band aids.. bring em if you plan on walking lol

Fast forward about 4 years and Rhoda put on this little party with a few close friends..

Some of you may have heard about it... Haven?

Oh my word!

It was so great, she and some friends are doing it again this weekend!

Last year I met up with these two girlie's!

So sweet.

And these chickies below...

I now call friends and they make me laugh daily!

I have to tell you, never in a million years did I think a year later I would join up and put on a shin dig too.

We have a little party planned ourselves.

I can't wait to share more as the weekend kicks off.

If you have been blogging for years or just getting started, I hope take time to reach out.

Friendships are the best part.

xoxo Susie

"wood" you be mine?

It all started with of glimpse of this wooden farmtable.

I spotted it in Nashville.

Not one single thing would I change.

OK.. maybe the price.

Did you spot those perfect legs?


I figured you would.

Not to mention the perfect shade of  aged wood.

This table has got it going on!

Don't even get me started on the chairs.


Just when I composed myself, I crossed the street to another shop.

And who did I bump into?

Her cousin!

This is why one should never take husbands small work car and try and save gas.


Now how in the world did he expect me to bring something as precious as this home?

I think he plotted this against me.

He knows I'm weak.

The Lord sure knew what he was doing when he paired us up lol.

And right next door..

You got it.

Another beaut!

So guess who thinks shes gonna make one?

It can't be that hard?

Can it?

If you have every tried your hand at a old farmhouse house table.

Please do tell.

My heart can't take much more 

xoxo Susie

Cajun Crackers

Want a quick snack that will have your taste buds singing?

With just 4 ingredients you can make this fun snack in seconds.

I use the mini crackers but you can use any size or brand.

I find these work best for me.

One pack of Hidden Valley Ranch dip seasoning.

Any type of olive oil you may have.

And some crushed red pepper.

I throw the entire box of crackers into a large zip loc bag.

I pour just a smidge of oil in.

You can always add more if needed.

Then pour in your seasoning pack  and just shake a small amount of the red pepper.

I would take it slow at first.

The first time I made this I went crazy with the pepper and Wowzer it was spicy.

Trial and error to every ones taste buds lol..

Once you have your 4 ingredients in, give it a good shake.

I can never wait and start snacking right away.

But if you leave them over night, the seasoning has time to sink in and do their thang :)

I can seriously eat this whole bag.

Do you have a fun fast go to summer snack?

xo Susie

Vintage jar tags DIY

Nothing personalizes  packages more than handmade tags.

I think that's a huge part of why I love getting "happy homemade goodies" in the mail.

Most of what I receive have the sweetest tags attached.

I always try and find time to make some extra special tags for my goodies shipping out.

This has got to be one of my favorites indeed.

I found a vintage jar printable here.

You can find them in about every size with or without wording.

I printed mine out on some blue card stock.

The fun part starts here!

Finding cute cupcake papers.

These came from Michael's but you can also find them from adorable shops such as Sweets & Treats Boutique.

Oh my word!!! 

This shop has the sweetest party goods ever.

I cut the ruffle off from the bottom center.

You can make three ruffles from one cup cake paper.

I used just a dab of glue and pressed them around the neck of the jar.

Once your ruffle has dried, cut two slits on each side.

This will help hold your string/ribbon in place.

I used bakers twine but you can use just about anything you have around the house.

ribbon, jute...

For the center of my jars I had fun stamping little messages.

I'm always looking for a good place to use my monogram stamp.

And there you have it!

So fun So easy So sweet!

xo Susie

The wondering cottage...

Passing this house a few times a year, my heart always melts.

Wondering who lived there.

What did it look like years ago?

Who owns it now?

This time I could NOT help myself.

I had to stop.

I didn't see any "no trespassing" signs and was feeling a bit brave.

So not my norm.

If you know me...

I am no rule breaker nor am I ever brave!

But something about this house just had a hold on me.

It made me feel sad and giddy all at the same time.

I wanted to slip wheels under her and drag her home.

As my courage started to build, I stepped closer.

Only to find hidden treasures everywhere!!!

Did the owners know just what a treasure trove this sweet pile of rubble was?

Can you spot a few?

The table just jumped right at me.

then when you look closer there is another table painted in the sweetest chippy blue.

Do you see it?

Oh have mercy!!

Do you see the old bird cage stand?

I have one just like it.

Paid way too much for it too.

Peeping inside the windows, this cottage was like the sunken Titanic,

old dishes to die for and old furniture that just begged for attention.


I took a deep breath and let it go.

I walked away almost as if I were at a puppy pound with a thousand sad puppy eyes searing my heart.

I walked away.

Hoping one day, that someone would love it as much as me.

xoxo Susie

Cottage Update.

Hi y'all!
Just a quick update on this sweet lil cottage.

I forgot to include rental info.

Sorry about that.

You can find more about this cottage by clicking your heels three times and click here.


My Dream Cottage by the Gulf

We spent last week in Gulf Shores.

It was a spur of the moment trip that was very much needed.

Every year we ride along the Gulf and dream out loud.

We pick places that we could call home forever.

This cottage was top on my list.

Y'all... this cottage was just so adorable!

It wasn't that big but oh so cozy!

On the back porch it had a shower.

The door closed for privacy.

The porch was just my size..

Of course ours would not have a Gulf view..

More like a pasture back home leading to my sisters new house.

I can see it now.

We could enjoy tea on the porch and chat the day away.

It has two bedrooms and one loft..

I'm thinking it could work ;)

A room for Maddy and the loft for my painting.

I'm not feeling the beige walls here but a nice coat of white would suit me just fine.

Are those blue cabinets not the sweetest?!

I'm thinking transoms would be a nice added touch too.

Above each and every window to bring in more light.

I'm already daydreaming about furniture placement lol...

Loving this bed!!!
I would have to change this counter top but other than that...

love it.
I thought after a few days I could get this sweet little cottage out of my head..


It's just so stinking cute.

Maybe one day eh?


On the way home I always say I'm gonna get one of those limelights

and every year we are too tired to stop.

Not this year!

We stopped this lovie came home with me.

On my lap.

All the way home.

Heidi enjoyed the shade and occasional water dripping of the leaves lol..
This is how I rode home.

Beach towels to soak up the rain washed plant and Heidi trying to find her spot.

I found the perfect spot and planted it yesterday.

I do hope it thrives..

I would hate to have to drive all the way back to the beach to pick up another hehe.

xoxo Susi