Maddy meets 13

Something so precious happens at this age.

They teeter totter on " Disney fairy tales" and the "Real Housewife's of Orange County"

Searching to find their place.

No matter how hard we as parents suppress it...

Prolong it.

Deny it.

It happens.

This was her year.

She wanted it all.

Fairy tale and rhinestones...

and ...

DJs.. neon and techno music.

Looking back on my own 13, I knew just how she felt.

Ready to take on this world but when evening set, still needing to be tucked in goodnight.

So we hung chandeliers and stocked up on glow sticks!

Her sister Kaylee made her!

And her brother Jesse..


DJ Jess and his sweetie Shelby worked the music.

Her Daddy and I sat back.

We watched as our little met 13.

We knew that in minutes...

The giggle of girls only..

Would give way to 13 year old boys acting awkward and trying to find their place too.

Thank goodness this momma had some cake!

Cake makes everything

(glow sticks, silly string and blacklights are way too cool)

It was fun watching our two oldest protectively look on and welcome her into the teenage circle.

And like a blur..

I kissed that sweet 10 yr old face...

And could not be prouder of this beautiful girl turning 13!

(for the record, her birthday is in July but we had to push it up for vacation)

xoxo MOM

And in honor of Maddy's 13th.. the winner of the pillow is commenter #13

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  1. She has gone from a precious little girl to a beautiful young lady so quickly.


  2. Happy Birthday to Maddy! I have a 13th coming up on the 30th and you said it perfectly how they are on the fence of fairy tales and RHOOC!! :)

  3. OH, Susie, she is just a doll. I really thought she was older than 13, she looks SO grown up now. What a precious memory for her. xoxo

  4. What a fantastic and fun looking party!! Great job.

  5. So much fun! She is so beautiful, just like her Momma! Happy early birthday, Maddy! And congratulations to Tessie!

  6. Happy early birthday to your daughter! What a sweet and precious post. The party looks like it was so much fun, and perfect for that age. I know they all enjoyed it.

  7. Happy Birthday to my baby bee! Love that girl!


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