Nashville y'all

A while back I had the pleasure of headin' up north to Nashville.

My friend Cha Cha was sharing her testimony at the Pearls and Grace event.

If you ever get the chance to go, please do. Your heart will be blessed!

The following day, we found some awesome hot spots.

Harmony Home.. I could just live here y'all

Hmmm.. maybe my Dad's bus behind the barn isn't that bad.

Wonder if he would miss a few parts?

From the moment I walked into their door, I felt at home.

The colors.. the textures..

That Table!!

This ottoman just stole my heart.

Idea overload!

There was nothing this store lacked... except maybe one thing.

I must warn you.

Some of the help is a bit snooty.

(If you have teenage daughters or know someone who does, please check out Cha Cha's blog today. She just wrote an ebook bible study for Moms/Daughters and I can't wait to get started. She is sharing the first part of it with us. )

xoxox Susie

Burlap Bows DIY

If you live near or around a Hobby Lobby, I'm sure you have seen their delish burlap ribbon.

And if you are like me, you just stood there and strained your brain trying to think of something you could make with it.

I even left the store with nothing because I got so overwhelmed.

Please tell me I'm not the only one?

oh girlfriend way in the back... I see you with your hand up.

It's OK.. we are not alone.

What ya have to do sometimes is just walk out.

I returned a few days later and felt like a new woman!

I picked up one roll of wired burlap...

(one roll made 4 bows)

The polka dot ribbon came from the dollar tree.

It was just enough to make one bow.

I measured my burlap and polka dot ribbon..

about 2 1/2 yards give or take.

Once I had my ribbon cut, I placed the polka on top of the burlap.

I measured up about 10 inches and grabbed the middle holding it tight.

The 10 inches below will be my tail.

Holding the middle I made a loop.

Once my loop met the middle, I twisted it so the polka dot would remain on top.

Once twisted in the middle, I looped on the other side.

I repeated this process until I had an even amount of loops on each side and enough for another 10 inch tail.

Burlap is thick and hard to work with so don't give up if your bow falls apart the first few tries.

If it should, just start over again until you get the hang of it.

Once you get your loops in line, take a small piece of jute and tie it tight.

Your jute should hold your bow in place and in some cases, can be used to attach your bow where needed.

My favorite part is the fluffing of the loops.

God bless the soul that made wire ribbon.

The wire allows your loops to stand loud and proud!

You made need to twist your loops around till you get them just right.

At the end of each tail, I cut a little V

Be still my lil burlap lovin' heart!

Pink and blue?

A very sweet couple dear to my heart have been blessed and we get to share in their excitement!

Marc and I will be hosting a gender reveal this weekend.

The suspense has about did me in y'all...

More to share as we get there...

xoxox Susie

Maddy meets 13

Something so precious happens at this age.

They teeter totter on " Disney fairy tales" and the "Real Housewife's of Orange County"

Searching to find their place.

No matter how hard we as parents suppress it...

Prolong it.

Deny it.

It happens.

This was her year.

She wanted it all.

Fairy tale and rhinestones...

and ...

DJs.. neon and techno music.

Looking back on my own 13, I knew just how she felt.

Ready to take on this world but when evening set, still needing to be tucked in goodnight.

So we hung chandeliers and stocked up on glow sticks!

Her sister Kaylee made her!

And her brother Jesse..


DJ Jess and his sweetie Shelby worked the music.

Her Daddy and I sat back.

We watched as our little met 13.

We knew that in minutes...

The giggle of girls only..

Would give way to 13 year old boys acting awkward and trying to find their place too.

Thank goodness this momma had some cake!

Cake makes everything

(glow sticks, silly string and blacklights are way too cool)

It was fun watching our two oldest protectively look on and welcome her into the teenage circle.

And like a blur..

I kissed that sweet 10 yr old face...

And could not be prouder of this beautiful girl turning 13!

(for the record, her birthday is in July but we had to push it up for vacation)

xoxo MOM

And in honor of Maddy's 13th.. the winner of the pillow is commenter #13

Please email me.


Pillow talk & giveaway!

Happy Monday!

So glad you dropped in today.

Slowly ... surely... I'm getting our family room put together.

I'm kinda slow this go around but I want to make sure I have just the right pieces.


Oh how we all love them!

This one above came from the sweetest blog friend.

I love love love it!!

She knew just the right pillow for this space.

Not only did she pick the perfect pillow for me...

She wants to give one to a lucky reader as well!!!

All you have to do is leave a comment...

I do hope you visit her shop and blog

You will just fall in love!

Good Luck and don't forget to leave a comment for a chance to win.

xoxox Susie

A new design!!

I can't tell you how good it feels to be back in my studio.

It has been a wonderful busy summer so far.

How about you?

Here is my latest creation..

"she took a deep breath"

It's a great reminder that too often I forget.

Something so simple but yet so hard to do.

Of course we all breathe to stay alive but do we really breathe?

Like a good deep breath and let it go?

It's awesome!

Try it.

Just stop what you're doing and take a deep breath in.

Fill your lungs.... and

let it go...

let your cares, fears, troubles go...

Now take in another deep breath.

let peace surround you.

It feels doesn't it?


And just in case you need to be reminded to breathe....

sign measures 14"x20"

hand painted and distressed on birch.

35.00 plus 12.00 US shipping.

For more info on this sign and others, please email me here

xoxo Susie