Those little touches..

It's those little touches that define your space.

Maybe a shell or two without going full blown coastal.

I love this look.

It takes me to the beach but doesn't bury me in the sand.

you know what I mean?

Maybe a simple leaf from outdoors.

Adding a theme like "coastal living" doesn't mean you have to set up shop..

Susie sells seashells by the seashore

It can be one simple shell that pulls it all together.

Color can also play a vital roll in your theme..

I love this blue/coral.

I don't think I could be this brave but boy I'm loving it!

Right down to the galvanized tub light fixture!

Ohhhh... this one above is playing my song.

I have died and gone to porch heaven..

no words...

And just in case you are taking a trip to the beach this summer...

I thought you would enjoy this cute little DIY.

It's just a simple glass container filled with sand and a few shells.

Add your family photo and keep those  memories close at hand.

I am so doing this idea!

All of the images shown are from Coastal Living

xo Susie


  1. I agree. Like your ' It takes me to the beach but doesn't bury me in the sand'. Some people just go too far over board with the beach theme. Less is always more.
    Happy Tuesday.
    Hugs, Gee

  2. Love these rooms. Totally in love with the Porch Room.
    Perfectly said, Gee.

  3. AnonymousMay 28, 2013

    Lovely and simple. Ahhhhhh.

  4. Ahhh - love the beach look!


  5. Can you imagine having a swinging bed on your porch? I might never get up!

  6. Great inspiration...bring on summer!

  7. I love Coastal Living and these photos are great examples of a nod to the beach without being kitchy. Hoping for some sunshine to come our way so we can head to the beach without our winter coats : )

  8. I definitely savoured all bits and pieces of it including all the comments and I have added you to my bookmark list to check out new articles you post.

  9. Leaving for four months in Florida on SUnday....I am so going to bring back shells, driftwood and beach glass....
    Love this look.


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