"The Little's" Big House

I'm not "big" on reality shows..

 no pun intended but when it comes to these guys...

They just melt my heart.

They seem real. Human. Normal.

And I guess that's why I enjoy their show so much.

It was no surprise that I loved their home too.

Oh my, where do I begin?

The floors, the wall color, the furniture....
I love the cool beachy feel without looking too "beach rental"

Have Mercy!!

I think I love every single thing in this space.

From the soft walls to the fun colorful pillows.

And just when I thought I could not love it more...

I looked up!

I love her touch of "not too much"

Not long ago they announced they were adopting a "little boy".

He is so precious and a Little too.

And they didn't stop there...

They are adopting a little girl as well.

I think those 2 adorable kiddo's are just what this huge house needs.

Are you "Little Couple" fan?

To see more of their new family you can visit TLC.

xoxox Susie


  1. I'm watching it right now! Love them! So weird that not even knowing them I am so thrilled for them as they get to bring home their children! So fun!!! :)

  2. I'm watching them this evening also. Sounds exciting that they have a son, and possibly a daughter to welcome to their family. I did a post on them last year. Love your blog!!!


  3. Love them! Were you watching when they were building? Their designer did a fabulous job! Jen's closet is amazing also. I wish they would show it again........thrilled to see them become parents.

  4. I've never seen the show, but am loving her style!!

  5. I love their show too! I didn't know they were already adding a little girl to their brood!!! So excited for them!

  6. We are big fans of the "little people"!!!!! So happy for their growing family!!

  7. I do enjoy the show on occasion and LOVE that house!

  8. love it and love them. i'm so jealous. people don't realize that even at 5'1", i have issues using my gourmet kitchen that my 5'10" sisters are comfortable in. there's sink prep (arms too short, so shirt gets wet at chest level), cutting with knives, my bent elbow is below the counter so i don't have proper leverage and can only cut quickly if i stand on a stool. would love a custom height kitchen.. =)

  9. They are such a sweet couple, and from my neck of the woods, as well. I hope they have hired housekeepers, though. Mercy ... can't imagine having to clean all of that but it is some kind of gorgeous. Of course, with her being a pediatrician, they can probably afford a housekeeper, huh?

    I don't get to watch the show much but saw a pic of their little boy in a magazine recently. Yes, he's adorable.

    I'm a huge fan of Little People Big World, as well. Very real, honest people.

  10. Susie, Bill & Jen are amazing people. I love their show, I love them. They are a breath of fresh air, compared to other reality shows.....they are so down to earth. You can tell they genuinely love one another. I'm so excited for their adoptions to go through....they will make amazing parents!
    Thank you for sharing their home, and a little bit about them. More people should watch their great show! xoxoxoxo

  11. I do watch this show-Jen is so elegant, even when dressed casually. I love their house! Was in Louisiana for a visit again last week, to the Biedenharn again.

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