Those little touches..

It's those little touches that define your space.

Maybe a shell or two without going full blown coastal.

I love this look.

It takes me to the beach but doesn't bury me in the sand.

you know what I mean?

Maybe a simple leaf from outdoors.

Adding a theme like "coastal living" doesn't mean you have to set up shop..

Susie sells seashells by the seashore

It can be one simple shell that pulls it all together.

Color can also play a vital roll in your theme..

I love this blue/coral.

I don't think I could be this brave but boy I'm loving it!

Right down to the galvanized tub light fixture!

Ohhhh... this one above is playing my song.

I have died and gone to porch heaven..

no words...

And just in case you are taking a trip to the beach this summer...

I thought you would enjoy this cute little DIY.

It's just a simple glass container filled with sand and a few shells.

Add your family photo and keep those  memories close at hand.

I am so doing this idea!

All of the images shown are from Coastal Living

xo Susie

Growing with your home and a DIY

I'm finding that houses tend to grow along with you.

When we built our home we had only two small children to fill the empty spaces.

Years later, our home graciously welcomed a new born.

Although the 4 bedrooms seemed snug at times, it was always enough.

I now have two spare rooms to play with...sigh.

Along with its growing nature, it evolves with us.

It sheds tweety bird sheets for Lilly Pulitzer.

And I'm happy to report that it stood by me when I rebelled in my adolescent home owner years..

 with Kirkland Decor.

It has never given up on me. Not once.

Weeks ago we covered the SW relaxed khaki in our family room with Comfort Grey (lightened 50%)

We are all enjoying the new lighter and brighter room.

For the first time in like forever, I didn't rush to fill the empty spaces.

I allowed the room to breath along with myself.

I waited.

Almost as if I allowed the room to whisper its needs to us.

Ever so softly... I heard.


I scribbled out images that soothed my soul and brought color to the walls.

This project cost nothing.

I simply removed this and reused the frames.

My goal now is to find the perfect pillows and rug.

Does your home reflect you and the stage you're in now.

I'm not saying I didn't love my 80's hair and my king size water

I'm just enjoying the journey.

xo Susie

My getaway weekend

For four years I have chatted it up with this sweet girl.

We made plans to meet at a Beth Moore event.

I bought my ticket.... then chickened out.    I did.

Fast forward 4 years and many blog post and one special event later...

I found myself knee deep in TN.

It's called  Pearls and Grace.

You may be wondering.. just what is this pearls and grace?

I can tell you that it is not a blogging convention, nor teaches you how to grow a blog.

It doesn't sell jewelry nor teaches you how to string pearls.

Plain and simple... it's a place where women come together and share their stories.

Say what?

That was just what I was thinking until I read more about it.

Why on Earth would I drive 8 hours to listen to 4 ladies share their story?

Because sometimes girls...

You just need to step out of your shiny pumps and wear someones dusty sandals.

I can tell you that my life will never be the same.

I will no longer judge a friend nor passing stranger by the shoes they wear.

You just have no idea their journey they had to travel.

And to be honest, my shoes are kinda dusty too.

If I may, I will back up a bit and introduce Sibi.

She traveled a bumpy road and along the way, her story was being formed..


She shared her sweet story like only Sibi could do and it just moves you.

Sharing your story isn't always easy.

Cha Cha and Rachel shared their stories with grace and humility.

love them..

And this beautiful girl below is Cherish.

 I started reading her blog just a few weeks ago and I fell in love with ...

her house, her front porch, adorable fur babies, her love for Lilly and everything coastal..

her hair, her southern charm... her perfectness.

But I didn't know her heart. Her story. Her journey.

Like so many of us bloggers, we see that perfect image and long for that perfect package.

She shared her story and friends, I can now say I love her heart.

Her heart for Jesus and what He has done through her.

I won't share much more than that because it's not my story to share but...

I can tell you that her story touched my heart deeply and she blessed my socks off.

There's just something so special in hearing about ones walk.

It amazes me how the Lord can take trials, pain, brokenness and turn it to His glory.

I am so blessed that I they shared something so precious with me.

I'm forever changed.

After the event I headed back to my room to rest up.

I am in love with this state y'all!!!

It is beautiful.

Even with its misty rain and cooler temps..

We didn't let that stop us!

Cha Cha and I hit the streets and soaked up Nashville's finest.

Barn Sales.. that is.

to be cont.

xo Susie

Fear not...

I knew I wanted to go right from the start.


(Funny how you can let yourself stand in the way)

I allowed myself to find every fear and doubt known to mankind.

For every door I hid behind.... He opened two.

They must be sold out by now. I'm sure it's too late......I won 2 tickets!

The hotels are booked I'm sure... I found a great rate!

Our God never gives up!

As I started to pack, fear found its way back in.

Wouldn't you know,
I received the sweetest email from one of the speakers that just so happens to be a
 blog friend.

Her words to me..

"so have no fear"

So it looks like this girl will be heading to "Pearls and Grace"  tomorrow.

It will be held Friday in Nashville, Tennessee.

Now before you start hiding behind that door, I'm sure they have a ticket left for you.

And before you start worrying about who you will sit next to, find me.

If He's tuggin' at your heart, give in.

xo YOU!

"Bayou Cream Pies" in a jar

I dusted off my cook books and this girl got her bake on!

OK.. not really.

I didn't  use a cook book and I didn't really bake all that much.

But hey..

I did make the kitchen smell good and my cake stand is pretty.

That counts for something...right?

"Bayou Cream" pies in a jar.

So easy it only takes minutes.

You start with one French Vanilla cake mix.

I baked it in a large shallow square cake pan.

You want your cake to be thin.

I mixed up 2 boxes of pudding.

Not shown here but I also used one jar of chocolate cake frosting.

(frosting needs to be microwaved for about 45 seconds to soften)

You will also need a dozen of half pint jars.

After my cake was cooled, I used a small glass to cut 2" circles.

I covered the bottom of my jar with a layer of pudding.

I then placed my thin layer of cake followed by a layer of melted frosting.

You repeat this pattern until your jar is full.

These are perfect deserts when you need to plan ahead.

You just cover them and refrigerate until ready to serve.

Before serving, I topped mine with a dollop of cool whip.

A fun desert for Mother's Day....

don't mind if I do :)

xo Susie

"The Little's" Big House

I'm not "big" on reality shows..

 no pun intended but when it comes to these guys...

They just melt my heart.

They seem real. Human. Normal.

And I guess that's why I enjoy their show so much.

It was no surprise that I loved their home too.

Oh my, where do I begin?

The floors, the wall color, the furniture....
I love the cool beachy feel without looking too "beach rental"

Have Mercy!!

I think I love every single thing in this space.

From the soft walls to the fun colorful pillows.

And just when I thought I could not love it more...

I looked up!

I love her touch of "not too much"

Not long ago they announced they were adopting a "little boy".

He is so precious and a Little too.

And they didn't stop there...

They are adopting a little girl as well.

I think those 2 adorable kiddo's are just what this huge house needs.

Are you "Little Couple" fan?

To see more of their new family you can visit TLC.

xoxox Susie

Blue Beauties

Oh how I love thee...
I have a few antique blue jars that I have found over the years and adore them.

I was always afraid to do anything with them from fear of breaking one.

So when I heard of Ball's 100 year commemorative jars, I had to help myself!

Now I won't be afraid to try my hand at few DIY's.

I'm so crushing on this one below.

She sells her blue beauties here on her Etsy.

And while I'm on the subject of "blue jars"..

I thought I would share these lil darlings.

My friend Sasha makes them and you can find them here.

I just ordered one and can't wait to see it.

I have been crushing on these for sometime now but she sells them as fast as she can make them.

So far I have used my pretties for flower vases and utensils holders.

And when I'm not putting these guys to work...

They are showing off in my cabinet.

I found my jars here.

I have also heard that they are now at Kmart as well.

I have two cases and I just can't wait to DIY up a few.

You can bet I will be sharing soon.

xoxo Susie