Living Louisiana

Hi y'all!

I took a few days off from the computer and lived some unplugged life.

It's good for the soul ;)

Especially when you have family coming over for a visit.

Above is my niece and her Fiance'.

They stopped in for a couple of days on their way home to New Mexico.

They have been in South Korea teaching English for sometime now.

My Dad and Cizon.

Here are just some of the kids.

Both of my niece's are newly engaged.

Guess that explains their big smiles :)

Here are the lucky guys. LOL

And no trip to our neck of the swamp would be complete without a visit to the beignet shop.

Beginets were a first for Cizon and Chris.

They also tried crawfish for the very first time...and liked em!

Next to the beignet shop is a row of neat little antique shops.

Those funny wooden sticks you see above are cypress knees.

Our swamps are full of them.

Our beginet shop also has a few pets on the property...

And they just so happened to be out sunning on this beautiful day!

I thought I would just point out that the ole' girl here was missing  her front left foot.

Her ring finger at that!

If she doesn't watch it, her back left one might go missing too....!!!

Can you see why?

I had to share this last snip'it with y'all.

For the last year, my oldest has been living about 30 minutes away on the river at my Dad's camp.

He decided to move a bit closer to home and work. I'm loving' that!

You might remember that little fixer upper that I spoke about?

He is now calling it home.

I helped move some of his smaller precious belongings and had to laugh..

Only in Louisiana ..

xoxox Susie


  1. Well, only in Louisiana .... and in your western neighbor, Texas. I stopped at McDonalds over the weekend and the truck in front of me had several mounted deer and antelope heads :-) I'm not sure I've ever heard of a mounted squirrel, though, lol. You have a lovely family, and it sounds like you had a wonderful visit!


  2. Okay - I'm from the north, so I'm not sure what a "beignet" really is? But after googling them & saving Paula Deen's recipe...I think I would love them.
    Have you ever heard of Ole (oh-lee) Bolen? A dutch treat if there ever was one!

  3. Wow. It is amazing how many unique areas are in this great country! Enjoyed that post. Not sure which town you are in, but I visited Lafayette a couple of months ago for work - here is a post about my drive (mostly snapshots of houses) ....
    Beautiful part of the US!


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