Lighter Brighter Beautiful.

Is it weird that I love paint?

Not that I love paint in the manner of    I. Love. You. Paint...

But I love how changing things up makes me feel.

It's inexpensive and gives me a big bang for my buck kinda feeling. you know?

I have had this brown for years.

Relaxed Khaki by Sherwin Williams and it's been good to me.

I think my husband had a hard time parting with the blue ceilings mostly.

I fixed that problem and I will share that secret with you too.

It was just time to go.

So how did I pick my new color?

I walked around my house and studied each room.

I narrowed it down to may favorite color of all times.

Comfort Grey.

Above is the recipe for my kitchen color.

I wanted to stay in the same family so I had Lowes lighten it 50%.

The recipe for my LR color is above.

It is PERFECT!!!

This color is grey enough to date any color without making a fuss.

I'm serious.

I could throw any color in here and it would play nice.

You don't find that often in colors.

I even folded laundry in here just so I could enjoy the color.

OK... maybe not.

 I was just too lazy to put it up but I enjoyed the color all the same LOL.

And just to really change the room up a bit, I moved my secretary desk in.

I love how it just fits in here.

So you may be wondering how I made my hunny happy with removing his beloved blue ceiling?

I did an old color trickery...

I lightened the wall color about 75% (recipe below) for the ceiling.

And you wanna what?

I didn't even noticed I painted over his blue until I pointed it out.

He's happy. I'm happy.

I still have some playing around to do for the walls but I'm really loving the blank canvas.

It's like that clean crisp feeling when you remove your Christmas decor feeling. Ahhhhh

This huge wall behind my sofa has me thinking of a few ideas.

I hope to tackle them soon.

Want to make a huge change on a small budget?


It's a win win..

I think I burned 1403 calories on my laddermaster lol.

xoxo Susie

Rollin' along...

After a long crazy week, Friday is feeling good!

I just painted this little guy and have fallen in love.

I will finish it in the morning..

after a Dunkin' donut trip of course.

Hope you have a sweet weekend too!

xoxox Susie

Exposing my flaws.

I really don't like this picture of myself.

At all.

I could . I can. I do...

Find every flaw that is there to be seen.

Inside and out.

I can start with the very top of my head and ask myself ...

Girl! What were you thinking with those grey roots on picture day?


Oh don't get me started on my widows peek that I inherited from my father.

Thanks Dad.

My crows feet, jiggly wiggly arms and wrinkled hands..

I have more flaws than you have time...

I feel that's what people see when they first lay eyes on me.

You too?

If so, please oh please my precious friend..

Watch this video.

You may just rethink how you view yourself.

I myself, think you are beautiful!

Inside and out.

xo Susie

DIY Chalkboard on the cheap!

You know how when you spot something in a magazine and you can't stop thinking about it?

Yeah, like that..

That's what was going through my head when I came across this photo below.

It's on page 52 of the Summer 2013 issue of Vintage Style.

Oh that stinkin' chalkboard!

Why must it be so cute?

I loved you down to the rusty lil screws and washers..I did!

So instead of wanting on something I'm sure I could never find, I made my own.

I grabbed up some scrap wood left over from signs.

This piece here is 1/2" birch

I used some mixed paint I had left over from my bed DIY.

I first painted the wood white then went over it with the blue.

Once it was dry, I sanded the edges and aged it up some.

I didn't worry about painting the center because it will be covered.

I then used a much thinner piece of birch for the chalkboard.

I used Valspar.

After the chalkboard paint was good and dry I seasoned it up.

By that I mean, going over the entire board with chalk then brushing it off with a damp rag.

I plan on replacing these washers and screws with some rusty ones soon.

I have them outside so they can weather up some.

I used the new ones just to give you an idea of how it will look.

I attached the two boards together using my washer and screw sets.

I also attached a sawtooth hanger just in case I want to hang it.

For now it's foolin' my family..LOL

We didn't have fried chicken last night but we did have a very healthy salad ;)

I love the look of the washer and screws.

I'm already looking for somewhere else to use these cuties!

Have you crushed on something lately and duplicated it?

Speaking of crushing...

Ballard Designs just liked my instagram picture above.

I have loved them to the moon and back!

Nothing like a crush LOL

xoxo Susie

Living Louisiana

Hi y'all!

I took a few days off from the computer and lived some unplugged life.

It's good for the soul ;)

Especially when you have family coming over for a visit.

Above is my niece and her Fiance'.

They stopped in for a couple of days on their way home to New Mexico.

They have been in South Korea teaching English for sometime now.

My Dad and Cizon.

Here are just some of the kids.

Both of my niece's are newly engaged.

Guess that explains their big smiles :)

Here are the lucky guys. LOL

And no trip to our neck of the swamp would be complete without a visit to the beignet shop.

Beginets were a first for Cizon and Chris.

They also tried crawfish for the very first time...and liked em!

Next to the beignet shop is a row of neat little antique shops.

Those funny wooden sticks you see above are cypress knees.

Our swamps are full of them.

Our beginet shop also has a few pets on the property...

And they just so happened to be out sunning on this beautiful day!

I thought I would just point out that the ole' girl here was missing  her front left foot.

Her ring finger at that!

If she doesn't watch it, her back left one might go missing too....!!!

Can you see why?

I had to share this last snip'it with y'all.

For the last year, my oldest has been living about 30 minutes away on the river at my Dad's camp.

He decided to move a bit closer to home and work. I'm loving' that!

You might remember that little fixer upper that I spoke about?

He is now calling it home.

I helped move some of his smaller precious belongings and had to laugh..

Only in Louisiana ..

xoxox Susie

Just a jar

It stormed here today.

Like black scary clouds and whistling howls kinda stormy.

I wanted to crawl up in my comfy bed but I didn't.

I painted the storm away...I did!

I have been crushing on these blue ball jars like forever.

So why not paint one for that skinny wall then why don't cha?

So I did.

I painted this using acrylics but look closer..

It almost looks like colored pencil.

You think?

I'm thinking when I sanded it to give that aged look, the magic happened!

I was kinda diggin' it.

Come closer if you dare...

At first I thought, who am I fooling?

You only paint letters and that's your safe space, remember?

If you paint pictures, they will find you out!

You artist impostor You.

Then I took a deep breath.

And  Maddy came home from school and went straight to it.

She liked it. She liked it!

So then I got all kinda brave and thought I would share it with y'all.

The sun has returned and I'm back to painting letters.

My safe happy place.


How does her garden grow?

I'm all kinda proud these past few days.

My kids never,  I repeat, never fail to amaze me!

Our church fair was this weekend and Maddy wanted to enter the bake off.

So we started thinking of how we could top last years cake.

After spying these sweet silicon cupcake flower pot holder thingamabobs...

She knew just where she was headed.

You can bake the cake right in those silicone pots.

How neat!

After she baked them, she cut off the top part leaving a smooth flat surface for frosting.

While her cakes were cooling, she started working on her veggies.

Who says you can't play with your food.. ha!

The carrot was her first attempt and was pretty easy.

And once she got the hang of it, she was on a roll!

And just in case the judges weren't sure what veggie they were about to eat, She made labels.

These were made by cutting out true seed packets and gluing them on label stakes.

We found our seed packets and stakes at Wal Mart in the garden center.

Oh my!

I think her sweet pea was my favorite!

A little onion.

And what garden is complete without a head of cauliflower?

This  was the tray she presented to the fair.

My heart about burst with momma pride.

I think she was pretty proud too.

And if the cupcakes were not enough, she baked some double chocolate brownies!

Have mercy!

After much hard work and a very messy kitchen,

It paid off!!

Our girl won 1st in the cupcake and brownie division.

Our friends at church wanted to know where she got her mad baking skills....

All I can say is it was not from me..LOL

I'm a break and bake cookie kinda girl ;)

xoxox Susie