My new ride!

When I was young, my sister and I grew up around boys.

Lots of stinky cousins.

We learned very fast to join in or get left out.

Baby dolls were my favorite but who wants to play alone everyday?

So trucks and cars were my next best thing.

Now that I'm all grown and my baby dolls are teenagers, I guess it's trucks and cars for me  again LOL.

I first fell in "love all over again" when I saw this truck.

It belongs to one of my favorite blog friends... Urban Farmgirl!

I wanted that truck so stinking bad...and still do!

So when I saw this piece of rusty blue sweetness... I could not help myself!!!

I bought the little guy from an Etsy shop.

It is so sweet in every way.

The little lever even works and lifts the bed up for unloading.

I know!!!!

I tinker around with it and move it from room to room  :)

For now, it's happy on top of the dresser.

And just in case you were wanting to know about the Relax sign...

It's from TJ Max.

It is one huge solid piece of wood.

I thought about painting it but could not bring myself to covering the wood.

For now ;)

Funny how you just can't stop at one.

I'm hoping to find another soon and start a little rusty collection.

I gave around 60.00 for this little guy and that included the shipping.

Crazy I know, but who could resist?

You never know what your rusty toys can bring in.

I wish I would have saved some of my own.

Do you have a fun childhood memory that's coming to mind?

Check your Mom's attic, you may just have a gold mine in there.

And if you happen to find a cute little blue rusty truck that you want to sell....

Call me!

I would be happy to drive that lil fella off for you :)

xoxo Susie


  1. Sister Susie!!! I couldn't help but admire that little sign above your dresser...any chance you will be recreating that for your shop?

  2. What an adorable little truck!
    Great find.
    Happy Spring

  3. I think they truck is too cute. I love the color! I have a few of my dad's old cars, and I just love them. Funny what makes us happy :) Glad you were able to get one that you love. If you want to drive to Oklahoma just head this way...LOL

  4. We enjoy the old, real-metal Tonka trucks from the seventies. Love, love them and my own two boys enjoy them today. They still get lots of dirt-time.

  5. Que bela coleção você vai fazer. Lindo esse caminhão.
    Tenha uma feliz pascoa.

  6. Oh MY Stars! I would have snapped it up too! It's adorable. I have a little rusty red tractor wagon that I love. I'm always on the lookout for a tractor to go with it.

  7. It is WONDERFUL Susie, gorgeous colour. I'm always on the look out too. If only we'd known when our brothers were little. Makes me wonder which toys we should be leaving out in the rain for when our kids are all grown!!

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