Love is patient


I had this huge wall behind this little dresser begging for attention.

I played around with a few different pictures and signs but nothing fit.

Nothing seemed to feel at home in that space.

So I decided to paint something that would fit.

It took me like forever and a day to finish it but I pressed on!

I love it!

My wall is happy now.

I would love to add this one to my shop.

It just takes up soooo much time.

Maybe I can work on one  in between my other signs.

When it's done I will let those of you interested know about it here.

Our church is having a fair soon and I just finished another design for the silent auction.

I will show you soon :)

I like it too.

It didn't take forever.. but almost LOL

In between painting signs and day dreaming about my spare room,

I got her done!

See that white room back there?

It took 3 coats!!

Oh good golly..

My back will never be the same haha.

It was cobblestone and now it is nice and crisp and white.

Nothing like a blank canvas to play with.

I'm working on a few ideas and hope to share them soon.

Are you getting the spring paint fever yet?

I do this every year and every year my hunny just smiles.

Last night, he picked up a brush and joined in.

I love that man!

xoxo Susie


  1. You are quite the interior decorator!!!

    Health food giveaway on my blog :)

  2. Susie, that is beautiful! You made me stop and think, we have two niches in our entry way that I kind of hate...only because I can't ever decide what should be in there. Maybe a big sign?

  3. I love this new sign! The print font is perfect. I was wondering, could you put all your signs you have do e in one spot? I check your 'signs for sale' but they haven't changed for a while. It would be fun o look over all your work in one spot, and maybe get ideas on what else you could make.

  4. I would LOVE that sign.

  5. I love love love that sign and I love the furniture too. So beautiful. I'm thinking of a sign myself using the Corinthians quote but I'm thinking of just making one that says 'But the greatest of these is love.' what do you think?
    Norah @

  6. Would you be willing to paint "In Christ Alone" lyrics in this same style for me? Kind regards, Rebekah

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