Insta-love on instagram

This one simple picture stopped me right in my tracks.

It did. You too?

I think I may have even dreamed about it..

Well my friends...

That what happens when you follow Urban Farmgirl.

She takes your heart along for the ride!

She has knack for finding old treasures and giving them new life.

It doesn't surprise me one bit that she knows her stuff.

Living on a farm for 17 years can do that to ya.

She now lives in a small city and dreams of returning to her roots one day.

I love that about her!

I must confess...

I get giddy when she updates her instagram..

What's not to love about this tub...

And she even rocks it with her cute lil kicks!

By the way..

I really need those shoes!

And if you are one of those blessed souls that lives in Rockford, IL

You can visit her shop!

I'm trying to find a good excuse to convince my husband we need to visit Rockford.

Of course you and I know that this store could stand alone and be reason enough...  :)

But my hunny, on the other hand, would need a great game playing there.


What do they know? ha

So for now, I get to enjoy her pictures and

wait patiently for her etsy shop to reopen.

So what am I up to today you might ask?

I'm headed to a Plantation craft fair.

Never been to one before?

Join me on instagram and you can follow along :)


xo Susie


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