From toilets to spa robes and one male masseur. A day in the life of me

Have you ever had one of those days where you were all over the place?

Yesterday was just that.

It was one of those days where I just wanted to clean.

I'm one of those weird peeps that gets great enjoyment out of cleaning.

Freakish I know but I love the rush..

or it could be from all the toxic cleaners when I flush...  :)

Anyway.. I was one cleaning Momma.

By the end of the afternoon I had started to loose my cleaning glow.

I think it faded after the baseboard wipe down.

A frazzled mess, I sat back and breathed in my accomplishment.

I knew it would only last about t-minus 1 hour till the troops arrived back home.


While catching my breath and feeling like I should win a Oscar, my sister called.

She was heading to the spa to have a pedi and wanted to know If I wanted to join her.

Why yes, I think I do!

After carpool, quick shower and  shave of the legs, I was out the door!

My sister even offered to drive in the work hour traffic. Love her!!

I know I could not look more like a dork, but hey!

It was spa night and I left my cares behind.

Although I did worry that I may still smell a bit like toilet cleaner even after a shower.

Before your massage they place you onto a nice warm comfy couch in the relaxation room.

I think every home should have one of these!

It smelled of eucalyptus and lavender.

The candles gave off the perfect amount of light and the music was just perfect.

Just when I had gotten my "chill" on.

HE called my name.


My past experiences with spas consisted of one woman.

We went to school together for years and her spa was close by.

I can this..I can do this..(holding my robe tighter)

He looked like Boris Kodjoe.

I kid you not!

My sister just laughed...

Once I got over the fear that the end of the world was not going to happen within the next hour leaving me alone naked in a dark room with a complete male stranger looking like Boris Kodjoe and coming to terms with the fact that my blanket was large enough to cover me 3 times and I had worked out all day even if it was cleaning toilets and tubs, I could take him down and knowing my sister was just in the next room and we have this sister knack for knowing when the other is in danger.

I could do this.

I was ready.

I did have to remind myself to breath from time to time..

He was very professional and a complete gentleman.

In fact, once my panic attack subsided, I actually enjoyed it LOL

And the fact that the room was so filled with candles,

 I don't think he even smelled the scrubbing bubbles and pine-sol.

Oh happy day!

xo Susie


  1. Yay for you!!! We all need our pampering moments :)

  2. I just had a cleaning day myself with all the snow outside! Glad to hear it was a good experience for you! The one time I had a male masseur he did not act like a gentleman or a professional. Next time, I'll request a woman.

    1. Oh no!!! That's creepy and I'm thinking now I may stick with the girls haha

  3. LOL. Love this post! And I have had that initial freak out moment when I find out I will be pampered by man-hands... most recently at the nail salon! Still chuckling...Thanks for sharing. And I wish I would catch that cleaning bug :D

    1. too funny!
      Hey, when you catch that cleaning bug, come on over. My house is back to square one already. Maybe after we can get our nails a girl LOL

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