Country and Maddy's art

My sweet lil Maddy girl painted this work of art.

She loves to draw and paint any chance she gets.

So when Country Living asked a few of us bloggers how we display kids art, I knew just the answer.

Having a Pre-teen Picasso in the house leads to a home full of beauty.

So what happens when your walls fill up?

In our home we turn to miniatures.

You can read my story here.

You can see here, just how tiny the canvas is next to a push pin.

Beautiful art doesn't have to take over your house.

Some of the smallest pieces make the biggest statements.

The small canvas/easel set here was purchased at Wal Mart in their craft section.
You can also find them on Amazon.

How do YOU display your little ones art pieces?

I would love to hear your great ideas.

xoxox Susie


  1. Aw, Maddy's flower is beautiful. I have some of the paintings my sons did in frames. There are also a few pottery items on shelves.

  2. Maddy is following in her Mom's footsteps! I have an board that I painted and put a strip of cork across the bottom. I wrote "Laynee's Works of Art" across the top painted part. Then I took push pins and hot glued little flowers to the top and pin her works of art onto the cork. Am going to do a tutorial in the next week or so. (Remember, she's only 18 months old, but her work is gorgeous!!)


  3. Perfect! I love this idea. We made a professional sized portfolio a few years ago so that we can add to and flip through easily. ~Kristie

  4. What beautiful art you have. A sweet artist like her Mom.


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