The time had come.

As I prepared myself for this evening, I had no idea it would have such an impact on me.

Today, Holy Thursday.

Father Rubin, kneeling  before me, washed my feet.

As He held my foot over the wash basin, I could feel the tears sting.

The humbling honor I felt had no words.

As we face tomorrow, Good Friday, My heart aches but I know rejoicing will soon follow.

"So he got up from the meal, took off his outer clothing and wrapped a towel around his waist. After that, he poured water into a basin and began to wash his desciples' feet "

xoxo Susie

My new ride!

When I was young, my sister and I grew up around boys.

Lots of stinky cousins.

We learned very fast to join in or get left out.

Baby dolls were my favorite but who wants to play alone everyday?

So trucks and cars were my next best thing.

Now that I'm all grown and my baby dolls are teenagers, I guess it's trucks and cars for me  again LOL.

I first fell in "love all over again" when I saw this truck.

It belongs to one of my favorite blog friends... Urban Farmgirl!

I wanted that truck so stinking bad...and still do!

So when I saw this piece of rusty blue sweetness... I could not help myself!!!

I bought the little guy from an Etsy shop.

It is so sweet in every way.

The little lever even works and lifts the bed up for unloading.

I know!!!!

I tinker around with it and move it from room to room  :)

For now, it's happy on top of the dresser.

And just in case you were wanting to know about the Relax sign...

It's from TJ Max.

It is one huge solid piece of wood.

I thought about painting it but could not bring myself to covering the wood.

For now ;)

Funny how you just can't stop at one.

I'm hoping to find another soon and start a little rusty collection.

I gave around 60.00 for this little guy and that included the shipping.

Crazy I know, but who could resist?

You never know what your rusty toys can bring in.

I wish I would have saved some of my own.

Do you have a fun childhood memory that's coming to mind?

Check your Mom's attic, you may just have a gold mine in there.

And if you happen to find a cute little blue rusty truck that you want to sell....

Call me!

I would be happy to drive that lil fella off for you :)

xoxo Susie

Wish'e Wash'e

I wanted to move in..

right there... on the spot!

The bathroom sold me.

That's what Southern living dream homes do to ya.

They make you dream.

If you were with me back then, you may remember this house.

Oh this house!!!

It made me want to run home and try to duplicate this on a dime.

Well... years later, it has not happened yet.

I'm still dreamin' shall we say. LOL

This is my shower below.

I have great plans for it one day.

I'm thinking..

Tile. A clear door and maybe removing a wall.

Yikes that's scary.

We are lucky to have a base point to start from at least.

If you are starting from scratch, this site shares how to install shower stalls from start to finish.

It shares how to build a shower from start to finish.

My inspiration always falls back on Sara.

She is my hero in so many ways!

How can you not fall in love with her?

Just look at her bathroom!!

I know!!

See her shower peeking in on the left?

I'm thinking of something like that for my bathroom.

It's perfect down to each little tile.

You can see more of her beautiful home here on her blog.

Back to dreamland for now..

xoxox Susie

Trash Talk DIY

If you follow me on instagram..


You have an idea of what I have been up to lately.

Oh.. just a typical Sunday cutting grass watching your neighbor throw out a bedroom set.


I tried not to look.

Focus Susie Focus..

I made it through finishing the yard, cooking supper and climbing into bed.

I thought I could just put it out of my mind.

Did I really need someones thrown out "loved on" furniture?

Did I really need to add another project to my list?

It's 9:30 and wayyy to late to call my neighbor anyway.

I know she's my good friend and would just laugh and let me have it if I asked.

Ughhhhh just call her already!!!

She laughed and graciously said yes!

I thanked her and tried to get some sleep that night.

Of course it started storming that night and there was no way my husband would make a furniture pick up at 3 am.. even if it was just across the street. nope. didn't happen. the nerve of him. LOL

As soon as the school bus passed and I was " in the clear " not to embarrass the socks off my child,

I made my move!

Still raining, I slipped on my rubber boots and headed next door.

Funny how someones trash can rock your world....LOL.

Although much loved by two young boys,
 the headboard and dresser were solid wood and made well.

After a some wood glue fun and hole filling...

I knew just the color for the headboard.

Valspar's "Cool Pool"

And of course the new bed needed a new sign!

I wanted something retro and fun!

I played around and mixed some colors together for the sign.

I wanted it to play well with the bed but not too matchy know

(If you are interested in this sign, email me. I would be happy to paint another)

I found the cute spread on sale at Target.

I'm playing around with some ideas for the dresser.

As of right now, it's plain white.


So that's my trash talk for today.

Do you have any good trashy stories to share?

We would love to hear em ..

xoxo Susie

Country and Maddy's art

My sweet lil Maddy girl painted this work of art.

She loves to draw and paint any chance she gets.

So when Country Living asked a few of us bloggers how we display kids art, I knew just the answer.

Having a Pre-teen Picasso in the house leads to a home full of beauty.

So what happens when your walls fill up?

In our home we turn to miniatures.

You can read my story here.

You can see here, just how tiny the canvas is next to a push pin.

Beautiful art doesn't have to take over your house.

Some of the smallest pieces make the biggest statements.

The small canvas/easel set here was purchased at Wal Mart in their craft section.
You can also find them on Amazon.

How do YOU display your little ones art pieces?

I would love to hear your great ideas.

xoxox Susie

Love is patient


I had this huge wall behind this little dresser begging for attention.

I played around with a few different pictures and signs but nothing fit.

Nothing seemed to feel at home in that space.

So I decided to paint something that would fit.

It took me like forever and a day to finish it but I pressed on!

I love it!

My wall is happy now.

I would love to add this one to my shop.

It just takes up soooo much time.

Maybe I can work on one  in between my other signs.

When it's done I will let those of you interested know about it here.

Our church is having a fair soon and I just finished another design for the silent auction.

I will show you soon :)

I like it too.

It didn't take forever.. but almost LOL

In between painting signs and day dreaming about my spare room,

I got her done!

See that white room back there?

It took 3 coats!!

Oh good golly..

My back will never be the same haha.

It was cobblestone and now it is nice and crisp and white.

Nothing like a blank canvas to play with.

I'm working on a few ideas and hope to share them soon.

Are you getting the spring paint fever yet?

I do this every year and every year my hunny just smiles.

Last night, he picked up a brush and joined in.

I love that man!

xoxo Susie

Plantation Craft Fair!

Saturday was the perfect day for a craft fair.

The sun peeped out just enough to make you smile and shed your jackets.

I have always had a special place in my heart for San Francisco Plantation.

It's so different from all of the others.

It's welcoming and comfy..plantation style.

It's located on our famous river road.

If you would like more info on our River Road Plantations click here

If you ever make it down to the deep south, River Road is a must!

On the grounds you can also tour the worker cabins.

I fell deep for this one.

Oh the wood...

Oh the patina!

The flowers were even showing off for us!

Out of respect to the crafters,

I didn't snap too many pictures of the booths.

Just as we had made our way around to every tent, our tummies started to rumble.

I think this is always my favorite part of craft fairs...the food!

Just to the far back left of the plantation, sits a barn.

We ate our lunch inside.

Maddy made a quick stop at the funnel cake booth first.

Yes, that was her lunch.

Craft days you can do that ;)

I myself, wanted something a bit more adult..haha


I would love to see this barn at night.

A perfect setting for a wedding maybe.

After our tummies were full and we found a few treasures, we headed home.

And on the way we discovered this hidden jewel.

I can't wait to tell you all about it!

xoxo Susie