It's time Jack!

                Ya'll know how much I love my State we call Louisiana.

                                                    It's home.

  Ya'll may also know that I have a swamp of my very own in my back yard.

                                                       I do!

 It gives me great pleasure to share a family from our swamps up the road a bit.

                                        They are the Robertsons.

                            You may have heard of them ...hehehe

                The first video hit so close to home I could feel it. LOL

                              It's real life for us down here.

        I can honestly say I have had mystery meat in my fridge before.

           I won't say I took part and ate it .. a girl can only go so far.

          We have been counting down the days til season 3 and it's here.

                                                 It's here Jack!!!!

     I think I'm the only one on the planet that doesn't DVR but I will not miss it.

 I'm gonna make sure church is over just in time ;) I know they all wanna watch too.

                             This family may seem a bit odd and silly.

                 And we all know that Si has to wash that cup sometime..LOL

          But all in all.. they love the Lord with all their hearts and it shows.

                               And just in case you wanna watch.. it's on A&E

                                                               xo Susie


  1. Oh Lordy this is our FAVORITE show on television right now! Even the kids come pile on the couch with us to watch. We all just love SI! We'll be watching too!

  2. We love it, too! Can't wait for tonight! Phil spoke at a men's church breakfast here several years ago (before they got famous) and the men said he was an awesome person with a great testimony. I'm thankful it's a show we can all sit down and watch together without having to worry about what they are going to say or do :) We do DVR each week so my 12 y/o son can go back and re-watch several times. Enjoy!

  3. Lol... we have watched every one at least 3 times. Come visit me in Southern Indiana.... you'll fit right at home. But I pomise no squirrel stew, that was way too much for me!

  4. A show that is bringing together families of all ages to watch together - such hilarious (and family friendly) fun!

  5. Oh my goodness! I just love Duck Dynasty! So happy, happy, happy that it is back on tonight. It's great to see a God fearing family who all love each other featured on television! We watch it weekly as a family and LOVE IT!!! So thankful for the Robertsons!

  6. Can't wait to watch!!!!

  7. No, honey, you're not the only one who doesn't DVR...we don't have one yet, either. In fact, we had to get rid of cable because of finances, and I miss is SOOOOOOO MUCH! We LOVE Duck Dynasty! It was one of our favorite shows!

    I don't think you were in my list of people I sent a text to, so if I am repeating myself, forgive me. We found out last week that my husband has cancer. We're (impatiently!) waiting on a surgery date right now. Just thought I'd let you know what's going on around here. :) I'm trusting the Lord with it!

  8. We love Duck Dynasty too! In fact, we had a special supper tonight to celebrate the start of Season 3! (Is that crazy to confess aloud, and in print?)

  9. We just saw Duck Dynasty for the first time last week during the marathon that was on. LOVE it! I think I love their down to earth beliefs the best and then their funny wit! I can so relate to them! Phil is my favorite. Love his birds and the bees talk with the grandson and his girlfriend!

  10. It's our favorite too! Love the family values and I don't think I've heard a cuss word beeped ever in the first 25 episodes. So HEY! Glad it's back. Mimi

  11. So funny, I've only watched one episode. They're a great group, cracked me up how the Gpa went to the kids school in place of the dad and showed how to take apart a duck. Haha!

  12. LOL Susie when I read your post title before it loaded up on my laptop I knew you were talking about Duck Dynasty.
    We're yankees (shhh, don't tell anyone)but we sure do love watching the show.
    LOL, Si is my favorite. He cracks me up.

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