DIY Easter Bunny

Not much time for gettin' your craft on?

I have the perfect DIY for you!

I found these cute silhouettes on google and blew them up a bit.

I traced the bunny out on a scrap piece of wood and sanded the edges.

I painted mine with craft paint but you can even stain them for a cute look.

I can just see these in Easter Pastels.. blue...

Here is one painted above in white.

I just stuck it in one of my wreaths to see how it would look.


I have double doors so I may need to make another.

You could even make them larger and paint your initial on it.

Or how about "Happy Easter"?

Polka dots or plaid?


What would you do?

xoxox Susie


  1. Love this!! I like the way you did yours...simple, elegant...Perfect~~~

  2. First off I thought that was a chocolate bunny at first! ha! Secondly, I've always been in love with your beautiful double doors and finally that is an adorable wreath! {HUGS} Clydia

  3. So cute! It does look like a chocolate rabbit, yummmmm!


  4. So super cute! Thanks for the templates Ü

  5. Darn it...I'm still "grounded" from using power tools! I may have to improvise and use foam core. I can cut that with an Exacto knife.

    Susie, didn't you make something last Easter with the faux moss bunny from Pier 1? I could have sworn it was you, but I can't find it.

  6. Excellent idea!!!
    Thanks for sharing!!

  7. Cute! I want to make one this weekend!!!


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