I can't believe I'm going to put myself out there but here it goes..

I have been crushing on you for some time now.

I know that we don't really match up and blend in..

but I dig YOU!

We have hung around in the past..

You probably didn't even notice cause it was so subtle.

I'm the kinda girl that plays it safe.

No chances taken here..

I dip my toe in but never...

I mean never take the plunge!

Oh I don't know why I'm so afraid... darn it!

I would so show you off to my family during the holidays.

You and I..

I write you into my life always..

but just never send it.

So I guess what I'm asking is...

I like you.

A lot.

Do you wanna pair up and go steady sometime?

xoxoxo Susie


  1. Cute, cute post. I'm the same way with colors other than red. I love all your inspiration photos. Be brave, take the pluge since you love it so much!

  2. Hi Susie, I must say you are diffently in a "blue-hue" kind of mood. I love all those the bedroom why not just dive in take a breath and just do it. I understand....LOL Hope your girl is well. Nest in Peace...Karen acapecodnest

  3. I saw an awesome turquoise lamp at Marshall's yesterday. Maybe you should go purchase it!

  4. Hahaha! LOVE turquoise too, I'm always looking for a way to sneak it in to my decor! The bathroom is one that would lure me into relaxing...regularly!!

  5. Susie, you have a great sense of humor. Love all the inspiration pics.

  6. Susie - I relate SOOOOOO much. Be sure and read my post from yesterday - Me -An Interior Decorator??? I'm getting ready this Spring to take the plunge!! Now, that I've posted it, I'm committed (I think). LOL


  7. cute! I identify with you and playing it safe. I'm afraid I will get tired of a bold color. What if later I think it's hideous?! I do however, think this shade of blue is gorgeous and would love to see you go for it! :)


  8. OH,this post is making me blue....Happy Weekend!!!!


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