It is well..

This weekend brought forth so many blessings.

I finished a new sign ... YAY!

 "It is well with my soul"

I'm still hummin' that song ;)


After days and days of cloudy skies and rain, my day got brighter!

I had lunch Friday with this adorable friend.

I had the honor of meeting Aimee at Haven last year.

Come to find out she lives just minutes away.

She is sew talented..   sew.get it?

You can visit her sweet blog here.

I painted this sign for her new office and can't wait to see it.

I think we sat and caught up for like 3 kidding.

And we still have so much more to chat about LOL.

Saturday the rain paused long enough to let the sun peep in.

This is my backyard y'all.

And scary thing is, it's still and raining.

It is well with my soul....

The girls paddled along in the boat until they spotted a snake.

Thank goodness Jesse was here to take care of that. Whewwww.

The flood waters always bring out the critters..haha.

Many of you were so sweet to ask about us and our home.

We have never had water come into our home but it has come close.

We built  our house on a hill so it is pretty safe for now.

We enjoyed some good food thanks to Jesse and my brother in law Brett.

We all sat around and watched  Miss America.

Miss Arkansas (Sloane) didn't bring home the crown but we are still so proud!

What a wonderful weekend indeed.

Hope yours was full of wonderful too!

xoxo Susie


  1. I will try very hard not to complain about our soggy spring backyards any more lol, man that is one wet backyard. Wise to build on the hill!

  2. Susie - I wouldn't get in that water if there are varmits in it for any amount of money!! I'm really a big chicken when it comes to snakes and bugs. But, your girls sure seem to enjoy it.

    Hope the water doesn't rise too much more.


  3. oh che avventure! mi piace guardare i dettagli della tua casa. è così romantica.e mi piace tanto il colore della parete della tua cucina :)
    un abbraccio

  4. susie, beautiful work on both signs! :) :) and i am so glad that you have your power back and the water has not crept up any further.....eek! i'm glad you had those boys around for the snakes....ew!

  5. Great sign, Susie, and a great sentiment! Glad you are safe from the flooding and hope it stays that way!

  6. Susie, Thank you so much for the 'It is well' sign. It is both precious and powerful! My Mom will love it. Thank you!! Tracie(Sara's sister:))

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