Free Art DIY

Something about typography gets my heart racing.

New. Old. Fancy. Bold.

I love it!

It was a no brainer when I needed to fill the empty wall behind my new bed.

I knew just where to go.


I printed four different fonts that I love.

Black and white straight from my copier. Free!

I had four old black frames that matched but their mats didn't.


Did you know that you can paint mats?

yes indeed!

I played around with a few colors and decided on this blue.

I just brushed over the mats with a sponge brush and fanned them to dry faster LOL

I'm so impatient haha!

It is so hard hanging 4 frames straight while balancing on a bed.

I have googled hanging pictures before but too lazy to put forth the effort.

How crazy is that!

As you can see the top right one is still a bit off .. sigh

I love the look of gallery walls but the hanging part is the stinker!

I have a huge empty wall in my living room just begging for attention.

I'm thinking about trying these picture hooks.

They give you that gallery wall look without pulling your hair out haha.

xoxo Susie


  1. They look great. No I did not know that you could paint mats, how interesting!

  2. What a great idea! You are so creative~~love to see what you come up with next!

  3. Centsational Girl gave some tips yesterday for hanging gallery wall pictures (or any other picture). There was also a link to a really cool and clever trick for hanging pictures straight using painters tape. You should take a look. BTW, Love your new art!

  4. Susie, that looks so great! I have painted mats for years. I was always finding something that already had a mat but the wrong color. So, just whipped out the acrylic paint and painted them. It works wonders.


  5. It never occurred to me to paint my mats! I have a stack of them that I didn't want to throw out. I can't wait to dig them out and get to painting. Thanks for the tip!

  6. I paint my old, faded mats all the time as they are so expensive to replace!

  7. Below is a post that talks about gallery wall creation & they have a link to check out. Click on "this little helpful hint" for a goodie! LOve the typography idea! Hope Maddy is ok.

  8. catching up on your posts. Since I started working again, there is hardly any time for blog surfing.

    the new bed is lovely. love the lines and the upholsteredness of it. LOL, is that even a word? Somehow, i know you will totally understand what I mean.

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