Board n Batten DIY

This weekend I jumped on the board and batten wagon.

If you have a plain wall and a few hours to kill,

this DIY is for YOU!

Our little hallway bath was just that...little.

It lacked in the character department as well.

After our towel bar fell off leaving two large holes to fix, I knew it was time.

We started with an MDF board from Home Depot.

We glued/nailed it level with the shower.

We also added a bit of trim to the top portion to jazz it up a bit.

Once the trim was added, we then added 3 smaller MDF boards.

And caulked... and caulked...and caulked some more.

After painting it a glossy white, I knew it needed two more boards.

Awwww.. much better.

I think the walls are happy now ;)

I didn't want to replace the towel bar so I added 2 hooks instead.

They are from Home Depot as well.

The yellow sign is a scrap piece of wood I had along with my famous yellow paint.

Happy Happy!

It's not perfect... in any way.

But the sign says ..

"life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful"

It's a quote from Annette Funicello.

You may remember her?

She was from the Mickey Mouse Club way back when.. :)

Towels are from Target and the rug is from TJ Max.

Not bad for one days worth of work...

Have you jumped on the board n batten wagon?

xoxo Susie


  1. Susie - That looks great and it's amazing you did it in one day. A great day's work.


  2. Susie - That looks great and it is amazing you did it in one day. Great job!!


  3. That looks great Susie. :)

  4. Amazing! Would you mind sharing with this beginner DIY-er what tool you used to cut the boards?

    1. Hi Megan! We used a miter saw to wedge the boards against the base boards and we used a regular skill saw for the basic cuts. We used liquid nails to help attach to wall.Hope this helps some.

    2. It does - thanks!!

  5. Looks great! And I love the saying on the yellow sign too....I may "borrow" both! ;)

  6. can you show a picture of how you connected to the base board?? i would love to try looks fantastic!!!

  7. It looks great! I like the top bit of trim you've added too.

  8. That looks fantastic! I love that sign too!

  9. Looks good and since you are a pro, Susie, I have a guest bedroom that I have been wanting to do this to for over a year...wanna come help me?

  10. Susie, This added so much charm to your bathroom...Love It!

  11. Love it! Would like to do an entire guest bedroom like that.

  12. Great job Susie! It's very happy - I love it!

  13. BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm trying to find a good spot in our house for some b&b. Yours looks great!

  14. Great job! can i see how the finish is by the baseboard? Thanks.

  15. Great job! can i see how the finish is by the baseboard? Thanks.

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