Battle of the beauties!

Every year I get so excited and root on my favorite girl for the Miss America pageant.

Most years I'm cheering on my home state girl, Miss Louisiana but this year is a bit of a twist.

My husband and his family are all from Arkansas.

And this year Miss Arkansas "Sloane Roberts" just happens to be in his family.

How neat is that!

Her Aunt Missy sent me the picture above.

It is Miss Louisiana on the left and Miss Arkansas (Sloane) on the right.

Missy is in Vegas now watching the pre-pageant events. lucky girl!

So this year..

Our family is cheering on

"Miss Arkansas"

Sloane Roberts


Isn't she adorable!

Do you watch the pageants?

I hope to have family over for a little pageant party Saturday evening.

As you can guess, our family will be cheering on Miss Arkansas ;)

Who are you rooting for?

xoxox Susie


  1. Well, we will be pulling for 2 gals also in our household! Miss LA ( since that is where I'm originally from) & Miss AL because we now call AL home & we know Miss AL. Gonna have a hen party & watch the Pageant! Tiff

  2. What a pretty girl! I'll cross my fingers for her as well as my favorite, Miss Alabama!

    Oh, how I love Miss America!

  3. She sure is pretty. She reminds me of a younger Britney Spears.

    Our Miss SC is doing great in the preliminaries!

  4. Both of them are gorgeous!! I am from Arkansas and my dad is from Louisiana, so I will be rootin' for both. :)

  5. Well, I'm an Arkansas girl living in Texas, but my heart is still in Arkansas! So I'm with you on this one!

  6. Thank you so much Susie...this was a nice surprise. We are having a great time and are so proud of Sloane and the job has done so far!

  7. We were pulling for Miss SC - and she got 2nd place :) My daughters and their friends all know her, she is a wonderful girl.
    Sloane is a beauty, too!

  8. Well, Miss New York won (a beauty for sure) but I was rooting for Anna Lauren, Miss Alabama who was a sorority sister of my daughter's at Samford! All of the girls were just gorgeous this year! I love what this pageant stands for. More than just beauty.

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  10. Sloane is a beautiful young lady she is so sweet! I am also from Arkansas and we were cheering for Miss Arkansas as well. My friend took Sloane's pictures here is the link to her blog she is a amazing photographer and a amazing friend.

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