A Happy Room...

Over the holiday break I realised just how much time I spend in my craft room.

A lot.

I designed this room to be functional yet pretty.

You can see below that it fit the bill.

I just felt like it was lacking something.

Oh maybe...FUN!

You can check out my closet/office redo here before the fun LOL.

So how do you make a room fun but not kiddie?

Kid  like but not toy room deco?


It's girlie and fun.

It's a way you can incorporate color without the fear.

It's just a smile maker.

Just walking in here can turn my attitude sunny side up!

I used some lemons for an added pop of color.

The bunting is made of fabrics from Hobby Lobby and white twine.

No sewing...just a lil glue did the trick.

I also filled my paint cabinet with some of my memory makers.

I didn't stop there..

I added a little mini bunting to my memo board.

I laugh every time I read this word card below...

The first two words are..




I'm working on these curtains now.

They were once hanging in my kitchen as a faux roman shade.

Not sure just yet what my plans are for these little guys.

The colors just fit so for now they are just hanging around ;)

Speaking of just hanging around, I added 4 clip boards to my working wall.

I found some really cute printables here.

I have a To Do list.

Birthday reminder chart found here.

A groceries list found here.

And I believe you can find the meal planner there too.

Funny how just adding a little fabric and color can brighten your day!

I hope this inspires you to find that special spot and make it your..

" A Happy Place"

xoxo Susie


  1. It's so pretty! I love it all. The bunting is adorable! I went to Target to get the red/white twine but they were out but I did get the white/gold one. :) That was a great deal!

    1. Aww.. thank you Shannon! Next time I'm in Target, I will see if they have any left. If so, I will grab up a few and send some your way :)

  2. How that brightened up your room!! Cute, cute, cute.


  3. Susie, that's an adorable place to hang out.

  4. I love the bunting. A fun and simple change.


  5. So cute!! Love the colors you picked!

  6. Nothing like pretty and fun to help you create. Nice and organized too! Aloha

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